Why are Holographic Stickers Used?
Release Time:2023-10-31 15:56:11

Holographic stickers are regarded as an effective anti-piracy technique that is used on a wide scale by different firms for preventing theft. 3D holograms happen to be a 3D image that is generated with the aid of photographic projection. They are free-standing images that do not simulate any spatial depth. You do not need any special glasses for viewing it.


It contributes to being the 3D projection, existing in the space freely. It is used for displaying animated sequences and objects in different dimensions. The holograms are the budget-friendly solution that provides security in a plethora of wide applications.


They boast of high storage capacity, in comparison to the other techniques. They play an indispensable role in delivering the increased feasibility of objects that include depth. It is beneficial in creating a bunch of photos on a single plate. It has become the number one choice of several business organizations to protect their brand as it is difficult to transpose, alter or replicate these products.


Facts about holography

Holography involves the use of the laser light for the illumination of the specific subject and viewing the finished hologram. This hologram is beneficial in displaying the fully 3-D photo of the holographic object. You do not need any special glasses or intermediate optics for viewing these products.


The holograms refer to be an encoding of the light field which appears as the interference pattern of different random variations of density, opacity or the photographic medium's surface profile. As it is lit properly, the interference pattern will be diffracting the light for producing the original light field whereas the objects which were present in it can be viewed now.


It is also known to exhibit the visual depth cues like perspective and parallax which will change once the observer changes the position.


It is possible to computer generate the holograms for showing the scenes or objects which never existed. Thus, these security labels are used on a wide scale in different aspects of holographic film, holographic memory, television, holographic microscopy, ultrasonic holography, industrial nondestructive testing, to name a few.


Importance of holographic stickers


The holographic stickers are gaining high popularity in protecting the product. Besides this, they are also useful in boosting the shelf appeal and visibility of the product. You can also make the best use of them for certifying documents as well as various things. They are recognized to be polyester labels that are available in a combination of different colors as well as release residues. In addition to protecting your product, it also improves the reputation of your brand. Apart from this, they are effective in enhancing the brand awareness of the business.


In addition to using security stickers, they are also applicable to different types of authentication purposes like identity cards, collectibles, coins, etc. It is possible to customize them with the aid of printed information.


With electronic communication, you can cross-check and monitor the usage of these stickers. The on-site validation of these products offers higher security as the data link starts to run out. Adding these labels on the product packaging helps in making the product stand out in the market.


In addition to improving the packaging of the products, they are also considered to be an effective solution for improving the brand awareness They are also regarded as an ideal choice for combating counterfeiting, as it is hard to recreate them with the aid of photocopier or scan them with computers.


Hence, they have turned out to be the prime choice of businesses for their budget-friendly security features. They are also recognized to be an effective option for authentication a variety of genuine products. They can also be validated with naked eyes. They boast of hidden features and embedded security marks.


Holographic stickers provide immense protection to the products of the business


Whether you are in the distribution business or a manufacturing sector, you should incorporate the holographic labels into the brand. A hologram is known to have more than one image which is arranged in a way, that when it is viewed from various angles, the images can be alternatively visible.


These holographic labels are gaining high popularity as the manufacturers opt for these products for protecting the reputation of your brand and the interests of your business.


If the products of your business have no or less security protection, the holographic labels play an integral role in improving your situation. They provide the prerequisite security to the product as you feature them with customized imprints.


If you continue using the same hologram image for several years, months, weeks, repeatedly, you might need extra customization on the hologram. Thus, the holograms offer extra security to the products of your business as they are equipped with the serial numbers. In addition to this, it allows the options for imprinting logos, customized text, on the product.


You can reap a lot of benefits by choosing these products:


Boosting the brand image


Holographic stickers provide a unique finish to the packaging of your products, which are not possible to be attained by different kinds of labels. Hence, if you are using these labels, the products will get a higher sense of value which is beneficial for enticing the potential audience. These products also play an integral role in boosting the sales and the return on investment of the business.


Customers prefer to opt for products, which feature holographic labels so that they are completely sure that they are investing in genuine products. Brand image contributes to being the lifeline of different businesses.


It helps in increasing the revenue of your business and enhancing the reputation of the business. Once you gain a good brand image with the use of the holographic stickers, you will be capable of winning the trust of your potential audience which in turn helps in the growth of the business.


Preventing the counterfeiting of goods


According to ICC or International Chamber of Commerce, 5-7% of the world trade is composed of counterfeit goods. According to statistics, the counterfeit goods are recognized to be a great issue which might pose an immense threat to the business.


It also leads to huge losses for the business. The holographic stickers are worth mentioning in this regard as they help in preventing the counterfeiting of the goods. These stickers are known to be created via program as well as technological equipment owing to which it is difficult to forge these products.


The business owners make use of the holographic labels while packaging the product. With these labels, targeted customers can identify legitimate products in no time.


Providing advanced security features


In addition to preventing the counterfeiting of goods, the holographic labels are manufactured especially for securing the products. These labels feature tracking devices that are known to be wireless. Thus, in case the products get stolen, they can be used in tracking as well as recovering them.


They are equipped with advanced security features, which will be beneficial to the manufacturer as well as the customer. You are going to have the ultimate peace of mind as the security labels guarantee the security of the products.


Offering an eye-catching appeal to the packaging of the product


With the aid of the holographic labels, you can provide an alluring appeal to the packaging of the product. The holographic security labels boast of rainbow colors and 3D construction which help in grabbing the attention of the targeted customers.


You can also incorporate the logo of your business into these labels, indicating that you can use them for conveying the visibility of your brand. Thus, it will help the potential audience for interacting with your business for an ample amount of time. Hence, these labels are beneficial in raising the brand exposure of your business.


It is not possible to remove or taken off these security labels as the adhesive sets in on the stickers. In case someone tries to tamper with them, there will be a visible image on the product. They are not going to come off in a single piece if someone tries to tamper them.


The security labels are attached to the tags which are attached to the products, like the official sportswear which is completely authentic. These products help in differentiating the genuine labels from the fake ones.


Also, forging these products is almost impossible and hence you do not need to worry about the safety and security of the products of your business. Also, it is possible to verify and authenticate these products faster without any hassles.


Production for these holographic labels needs an ample amount of money and time. However, as you order them in bulk amount, they can be purchased at the least cut off from the pocket. Hence, business enterprises prefer to opt for them for providing security to your products.

If you take a look at these labels, you will find that they are different from the regular trademark, found on the commodities. A prominent reason why it is hard to forge these stickers is that it is almost impossible for people to find the equipment or the technical details for them. The manufacturers of the holographic stickers opt for various measures to boost the security level as well as the quality of the products owing to which it becomes difficult to copy them.