How to Use a QR Code Hologram Sticker
Release Time:2023-04-20 16:11:53

How to Use a QR Code Hologram Sticker

Each hologram sticker is authentic and they cannot be replicated. Therefore, it makes sense to have a QR code hologram sticker made. Each sticker will be unique, secure, and easy to verification.

We all know what a QR code is. This quick response code is 2D machine-readable and it offers instant access to the information hidden in the code. The data required is extracted from the pattern displayed on the image; which is a combination of horizontal and vertical components. This code can store a variety of information for various purposes starting from plain text, image, PDF, app, URL, to Vcard. The application of the code includes product tracking, time tracking, document management, general marketing, and item identification.

How Does A QR Code Hologram Sticker Work?

Using this hologram sticker is easy. The sticker is designed for one-time use and it’s mostly seen on products that demand extra security. Here are the steps involved:

Get It Printed

Firstly, you need a hologram sticker manufacturer. QR codes are easy to print on stickers as long the QR and the artwork is 300 PPI or above. To make it scannable, there must be a white border around your QR code. The code can be printed on stickers of various sizes.

Stick It onto Your Product

Once the sticker is ready, stick it onto the product. A holographic sticker can carry a large amount of information and it’s easy to operate. These stickers are mostly found on electronics, pharmaceutical package boxes.

Scratch off The Tamper Proof Ink

Those QR code holographic stickers that need verification are designed for one-time use. After the scanning is done, certain features enable. This is why at the time of printing, the QR code needs to be masked with scratch-off ink. The scraping indicates that the package has been opened.  This last step is performed by the customer when the product having a holographic label is delivered to them.

Why Use a QR Code Hologram Sticker?

Manufacturers are using these stickers because they add an extra layer of security to the product. Hologram stickers are difficult to forge. Usually, they are manufactured using master hologram which is expensive and functional. Holographic stickers come in different types to enhance security. You can choose any type depending on your budget and security needs.

These stickers are a highly versatile way of protecting and authenticating your products. Plus, they are easy to customize. Once the sticker is printed, it’s hard to replicate which is exactly why large companies use QR code hologram stickers.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of these stickers for your brand:

Anti-Tempering Quality

Hologram stickers can’t be tempered. They are ideal for ensuring the security of seal on a product. If someone attempts to remove the sticker, it disintegrates. And if they are successful in peeling off the sticker, its secondary layer is revealed. So basically no one can mess with the sticker once it sticks to the package or product which is ready for sale.

Improved Brand Protection

Whether you are a popular brand or not, if you are manufacturing and selling one of a kind products, they can always be replicated. In fact, you will find so many counterfeiters out there attempting to create a replica of your product.

It’s best to protect your brand by sticking holographic stickers on your product. Each sticker representing a QR code is unique. You can also add taggant foil on the hologram which can only be identified using a special reader. This way, you will be making your product exclusive.

Exclusive Authentication

QR code hologram stickers are designed for authentication. Their primary purpose is identification. Since a hologram is hard to replicate, this would minimize the risk of fraud. The QR code generated would be unique, to begin with. The customer simply has to scratch off the upper layer and scan the code and it’s ready to use.

Information Storage

Hologram stickers are unique. They are capable of storing more information than what you can imagine. And it’s easy to operate so you will be doing a world of favor to your customer by using it for identifying your products.

Benefits for Organizations

Organizations are using these stickers for security, display, management, and marketing. Here are some uses:

Security Benefits

  • It can prevent cross-regional sales
  • Makes your product traceable
  • Products your brand from the risk of counterfeit

Display Benefits

  • Perfect for publicity
  • Can be used in product promotion
  • Promotes brand advocacy

Marketing benefits

  • Accumulates online database
  • Point-based reward offers


Management Benefits

  • Consumer Management
  • Product Management
  • Membership Management

Customer Benefits

Even consumers find QR code hologram stickers useful. They just have to scan the code and unlock the features of a product. It literally takes three seconds to authenticate the products. If you have used WhatsApp web you would know how it works. You simply have to open the camera app on your WhatsApp mobile application to authenticate the QR code displayed on the screen. This is exactly how the QR scanning of a hologram sticker works.

Customers don’t mind this form of authentication if they get points. The usage of hologram labels is unlimited. You might also see them on tobacco packaging. Again the purpose is to prevent illegal counterfeit of product.