How to Mass Produce Custom Hologram Stickers
Release Time:2023-04-20 16:11:10

How to Mass Produce Custom Hologram Stickers?

Before discussing the ways to produce custom hologram stickers at the mass level you must know what these stickers are and why they are used. The information provided in this write-up can be helpful; for you in this regard.

What are custom hologram stickers?
No business owner wants someone to steal, forge or copy his products and destroy his business, regardless of the type of products he produces including laundry soap, computer or a music album. Every year many businesses have to bear losses of millions of dollars all over the world due to theft of the design and type of their products as it can directly affect their profits. Similarly, the integrity of a business is destroyed when its products are forged by malicious people. In this situation, custom printed hologram stickers can help in protecting your brand as well as company on the whole from alterations, replication, and theft along with building confidence among consumers by providing seals that can ensure that the product does not tamper.

How can hologram stickers ensure safety?

A laser system is used to make a hologram sticker with a 3D image. The image on the sticker changes its looks and position like a real object instead of an image only when it is titled. You can find various types of custom printed hologram stickers in the market from which you can choose as per your requirement to ensure the safety of your products. Instead of an image, some holograms have patterns to hide the image so that one cannot see it with naked eyes but can be read by using a scanner or laser. Some businesses use hologram stickers to store information about their brand and product which can be read by using the laser.

In this way, hologram stickers can ensure the safety of the integrity of your business as well as your products in a very effective and cost-effective manner as it is very difficult to copy them. You can give a unique image of your brand or artwork to the producers of the hologram stickers so that they can produce tamper-proof custom printed stickers to ensure the security of your brand as well as products.

Another feature that ensures the safety of your brand and business is the tamper-proof construction of most of the hologram stickers. The sticker gets self-destructed to prevent the reuse of the product if someone tries to peel it off from the product it is fixed on with a malicious intention. On the surface of the product, you can find some holographic material from where the sticker is peeled off leaving behind written Void’ or a pattern containing checks or dots. It will help other people to know that the product has been tampered by some unauthorized person as well as prevent the repeated attempts of theft.


Theft prevented by Tamper Evident Seals

The reduction in profits occurring every year can be checked by using hologram stickers with a tamper-evident feature. A packet cannot be opened and sealed again when a self-destroying custom printed hologram sticker with your artwork is fixed across its opening. If the packet is sealed with a usual sticker then it can be removed, replaced and replicated easily by anyone so that he can come in contact with the materials in it. In that case, it is just impossible to know when and where the theft has been attempted during its shipment. In this way, tamper-evident custom hologram stickers can prevent theft during transportation of the products in a very cost-effective and efficient manner.

Even customers cannot claim while returning a damaged product to the company that he has not opened it, once he has tampered its tamper-evident seal. In this way, spending a small amount of money on manufacturing these stickers can save a lot of losses in the future.

Building customer confidence with Hologram stickers

A company cannot know that counterfeit products have been purchased by its customers if its products have been taken away by someone and replaced by forged products. If the quality of the product is inferior then the customer will try to return it to the company. In this case either the company will replace the product or refuse to replace or refund the amount. In the first case, the company will have to bear the loss of replacing counterfeit products with a genuine one and in the second case, the customer will lose trust in the company. In this way, the company will be on losing end in both the cases as the patronage and confidence of the customer will be affected in both the conditions. This type of loses can be avoided and it can be ensured that the customer gets the legitimate products of genuine quality by fixing hologram stickers on their opening.

Most of the products sold by forgers look like genuine products sold by the original company but are available at a very low price. It can also affect the confidence of the customers on the brand as it shows that the products sold by the company are highly-priced. This lack of confidence of the customers will be very damaging for the future of the company.

So to secure the integrity of its brand and products every company that produces genuine and high-quality products usually searches for the companies manufacturing custom printed hologram stickers in huge quantities. Most of the companies manufacturing hologram stickers offer their products in various shapes, colors, and sizes at a very low cost to improve the confidence of your customers as well as preventing the theft of your products. A customized hologram sticker on your products will not only guarantee their authenticity but also protect the integrity of your business by making the confidence of your customers strong.

Mass scale production of hologram stickers

Various types of industries use hologram stickers in many different ways like retail tags, promotions and packaging their products. Tamper-evident hologram stickers can also be used by them for the protection of their brand as well as the management of their assets.

The cost-effective nature and highly versatile use of hologram stickers are some of the reasons for which they are gaining popularity all over the world. They can also be used to verify the authenticity of your product and brand through the security information embedded in these stickers. Many companies opt for hologram stickers as they cannot be copied or duplicated easily

Stages to create custom printed hologram stickers

Custom hologram stickers and be manufactured at a mass level in two stages – designing and manufacturing

Origination and Designing of hologram stickers

Initially, custom design is created to start creating hologram stickers for a particular company or business. The stickers are designed in many ways including stickers with flipping images, 2D stickers, 3D stickers, stickers with micro text, stickers with hidden images as well as in separate colors, etc. Hologram stickers for your business are custom designed according to its corporate identity requirements as well as the requirements of its brand to ensure to provide the highest level of security to it.

Manufacturing of hologram stickers

After completing the designing, your hologram stickers can be produced and reproduced many times to use them on various types of applications. If you want to enhance the level of security then you can also opt for manufacturing tamper-evident hologram stickers. Moreover, various types of adhesives are used while manufacturing these stickers so that you can attach them effectively to the objects under your consideration like plastic cards, documents, packaging, and products, etc.

Mass production of hologram sticker in China

Many people want to produce custom hologram stickers for their business from China because of their high quality and reasonable prices. Though you can find various Chinese companies offering a wide variety of hologram stickers at very reasonable terms but Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd is considered as the best of all.

The main office of Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd is located in Guangzhou city Center in the Tianhe district and its factory is situated in Guangzhou City in Tianhe district. The office and workshop of this company have covered nearly 1500 square meter area in which 80 employees are providing their services to satisfy the company’s customers.

They have been certified and permitted for industrial production of hologram stickers and other high-tech products. They have also obtained certification from EMTEK international quality systems and certificates for several patents to ensure the quality of the security products they produce.

They are printing hologram stickers, packing labels and labels with security stamping for nearly 20 years. The workers working in their R&D and production departments have experience in the printing industry for more than 10 years.

They produce high-quality custom-designed hologram stickers, packing labels and security stamping labels because they own all the equipment required in their production process. Their products can be used on a variety of products including health care products, food products, electronics, cosmetics, and wines, etc. They supply their products almost all over the world including Europe, South and North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, etc.

So if you are interested in mass manufacturing of custom hologram stickers for your business then you can contact Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd online anytime.