Custom High quality anti counterfeit hologram sticker
12 Reviews
MOQ:5000 PCS
Color:Silver or golden or transparent, other color could be customized.
Material:Vinyl, Void,Paper/PET/PP/PVC,etc
Size:Any size/customized
Shape:Round,Shape or custom
Die Cut:Sheet or Roll
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Features of Adhesive Sitckers

Our holographic labels are made from high-quality materials, including PET, PVC, and BOPP, to ensure durability and longevity.

Custom Design:
We provide custom design options for holographic labels, including unique patterns, images, and color schemes, to enhance brand identity and catch consumer attention.

Security Features:
Our holographic labels can be customized with advanced security features, such as tamper-evident designs, to prevent counterfeiting and maintain product integrity.

Adhesive Options:
We offer a range of adhesive options for holographic labels, including permanent, removable, and repositionable adhesives, to fit your specific application needs.

Eco-Friendly Options:
We provide eco-friendly holographic label options made from sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, to support your company's commitment to environmental sustainability.

Quantity and Turnaround Time:
We provide flexible ordering options and fast turnaround times to accommodate your production schedule and product launch timeline.

Technical Support:
Our technical support team is available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have during the holographic label design and application process.
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12 Reviews
Kayden Kock
The product quality is excellent. Fredrick and Anna From the company has been very helpful with the designing and ordering process throughout. Will definitely recommend and work together with them again in the future!
Widiyanto Gold
high quality, excellent supplier service. you can also make a new design for your hologram, the supplier will help you to make a new design that is more beautiful. Great over all!
Francis Mendy
This is my second time ordering holograms from Guangzhou LG and I am highly satisfied by their customer service, their professionalism and most importantly, the quality of the their products. Looking forward to doing more business with this company.
Patty Niramitsutham
my design turned out perfect! I ordered a thousand of tiny little stickers and my, they captured every details and they do specialize in printing, microtexts included! The shipment is very fast, and they packed my order with many sample to decide for future reference! Thank you so much Fredrick and other colleagues. ????????
ariane younang
I have cooperated with this supplier many times, and we have solved many problems together. I think we will continue to cooperate because I can never find excellent products and excellent customer service than this excellent customer service than this.

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