What Techniques are Used to Make Holographic Security Stickers?
Release Time:2023-12-08 18:04:56

Today most of the popular brands, big departmental stores, as well as manufacturers of electronic items, etc. are worried about the safety of their brand as well as products. Their popularity has increased the risk of being copied or forged which can directly affect their revenue. Holographic security stickers have gained popularity for the last few years due to this increasing insecure feeling of business houses. The introduction of holographic stickers has revolutionized the entire world as most of the industries are using these stickers for the security of their business and products as they are difficult to copy due to their complex design and structure.


Before discussing the techniques used to make holographic stickers you must know what they are, how they are produced and how they work. The information provided in this write-up can help you in this regard.


What Is a Holographic sticker?


An image designed with a 3D effect printed on a 2D surface is known as a hologram. The process of making these holograms is known as holography and for that reason, they are also called holographic stickers. These stickers include complete information about the brand and its products and for that reason, they are used as security stickers to enhance the security of the products.


These stickers include complete information about a particular brand or a specific product of a brand to ensure its authenticity and security. The attractive color combination, unique patterns, and styles on these stickers have made them highly trendy. Virtually they contain very important information but they are considered fully secure as it is impossible to copy or plagiarize them.


The techniques used for making these complex stickers must be something extraordinary. Brief information in this regard is provided hereunder for your consideration.


Techniques used for making holographic stickers


Two laser beams are used to produce a photograph with a 3D effect to be printed on a 2D surface to create holographic security stickers. A laser beam emits light of different colors depending upon its wavelength. To create colorful images, a laser beam is passed through a shutter to throw light on the surface at an angle of 90 degrees. When the shutter is activated then it splits the light into two beams or blocks the light to create images with different color effects.


When the shutter splits the laser beam into two beams then one beam, known as reference beam’, radiates on the film directly and the second beam is reflected away from the object of which you want to create a holographic sticker.


 A pattern known as an interference pattern is created when both of these beams intersect each other. You can see well-defined fringes on the screen created by the interference of these two beams. The beam should be highly stable because the interference pattern projected on the screen is very sensitive and the image can be spoiled even with a little vibration of any kind.


Once you have a stable laser beam you can easily record the reference pattern on the film. You can see the entire 3D image of the object on the film after developing it. You can use this film to create holographic stickers for your company.


How to customize holographic stickers?


Holographic stickers can be customized by using different types of inks like:


UV ink: The fluorescent compounds included in this ink can be seen with the help of ultraviolet light. This ink is commonly used for security purposes to prevent plagiarization or reproduction or to identify to whom it belongs.


Thermochromic ink: This ink includes a dye that changes color with the change in external temperature. Normally it is used in manufacturing packaging products, thermometers, and toys, etc. It is also found in the screens with an LED feature.


Uses of Holographic stickers


Holographic security stickers can be used on several important occasions and for providing multiple types of security. Most common uses of these stickers may include:


Enhancing the value of your brand: These stickers can help in improving the overall value of the products of some popular brands. You can see holographic stickers on most of the Micro and Intel products


Authentication: You can establish yourself as an owner of the products of a brand or a brand itself on many occasions by using its holographic sticker. You can easily identify and authenticate the genuineness of debit or credit cards, ID cards documents, session passes, and several commercial products by scanning their holographic sticker.


Promotion and packaging: A product can stand out from the crowd by having a holographic sticker on it. It also declares about the sincerity and responsibility of the company manufacturing that product to serve its customers. It also increases the credibility of the brand among its users


Protection of the brand: You can ensure the security of your products as well as your brand by fixing holographic stickers on them. It is impossible to replicate customized security stickers with unique patterns.


Who Can Use Holographic stickers?


Holographic stickers can be used by anyone who runs a business to ensure the security of his products as these stickers cannot be replicated in any condition. Some of the industries and businesses that commonly use these stickers may include companies manufacturing luxury items and jewelry, fertilizers, seeds, detergents, and electronic items like laptops, printers, and TVs, etc. Banks also use them on their debit and credit cards. These stickers are also used by different branches of media along with companies producing gaming CDs and music CDs etc.


Features of Holographic stickers


Premium quality: The quality of holographic stickers is very excellent in looks and feel


Customizable: You can easily customize these stickers as per your requirements at a very affordable cost as they are available in different sizes and shapes


Heat and water resistant: You need not worry about damaging these stickers as they are made resistant to heat and water.


Strong adhesive: The adhesive used on these stickers is very strong which makes it difficult to detach them once they are attached to a surface.


Important benefits of Holographic stickers


Holographic stickers provide maximum protection for theft and forging due to their various features.

You can customize your security stickers by designing it uniquely by adding unique features like the logo of your brand etc. It can increase the reliability of your company among your customers to a great extent.

You can make your holographic stickers more unique by adding any kind of exclusive identities like the year of manufacturing or your signature etc.


Where to get your holographic stickers manufactured in China?


Now after knowing about holographic security stickers if you are ready to invest in them to ensure the security of your brand then you will have to find companies that can provide you these stickers of the best quality within your budget. If you are searching these companies in China then you can find a number of them but Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd is considered the best of them all. The information provided hereunder will help you to know this company more closely.


Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd is one of the companies in China that are known for their quality services. This company has been producing different types of security products including holographic stickers for more than 20 years. The factory of this company is located in the Panyu district in Guangzhou city and spread over an area of 1500 square meters. This company has obtained all the legal permissions to make it a completely legal company to produce genuine products in this business. They have also obtained quality certificates for various organizations to provide the best products to their customers.


Services provided by LG-Printers


Security stickers: They use the latest technology to produce high-quality security stickers of various types including 3D holograms and adhesive stickers etc to improve the security and looks of your products and brand. These stickers can also be used to protect your business environment from forgers.


Customized R&D Service: Maximum exploitation of the presently available technologies and using R&D services to find new technologies to provide the best services to its clients is the best thing about this company. More than 80 employees with over 10 years of experience are working in this company to satisfy its customers through their knowledge and expertise.


To get the best results you only have to tell them the kind of security sticker, you want as per the requirement of your business and where you want to use them. Rest you can leave on their professionals. You will have to approve the final design before printing them finally as per your requirement. These stickers will not only ensure the security of your products but also promote them effectively in the market within your budget.




So, if you want to increase the security of your products from the forgers then you should contact Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd online at any time. They will provide you high-quality holographic security stickers as per your requirement at a very affordable price. You can rely on this company as they are known to provide the best quality products and services to their customers.