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With the gradual development of the anti-counterfeiting industry, this kind of laser anti-counterfeiting label is an anti-counterfeiting label different from other anti-counterfeiting labels. Different materials used in the label have different character

by:LG Printing     2020-03-08
The characteristics of laser film, laser film has high smoke and smoke luster. The holographic layer enables the film to have good antistatic performance, adhesion resistance and high adaptability to computers. At the same time, ink erosion resistance, water vapor barrier, carbon dioxide and other properties are also very high. Inherent fragrance, strong anti-counterfeiting, very beautiful, green and environmentally friendly. Colors are colorful and single, with a single Rainbow, a variety of rainbow colors, real colors, right and wrong, and painting also has two-dimensional, three-dimensional, multiple and dynamic imaging. Second, laser anti-counterfeiting label materials, laser film is now a newly developed high-tech environmental protection material. At present, there are mainly BOPP laser aluminized film, transfer film and high brightness reflective film. PET Laser aluminized film, composite film, Hot Stamping film, etc. These are all materials made into laser safety labels. Laser film is the carrier of laser hologram. It can produce composite laser cardboard and transfer laser cardboard through a special production process. There are also high security, anti-counterfeiting, bright colors, dynamic illusion effect, therefore, it, quilt, packaging, printing, decoration, tobacco, alcohol, medicine and other fields. There are many kinds of laser anti-counterfeiting labels. Different types of anti-counterfeiting labels play different roles and need to be fully understood.
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