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With the development of science and technology, enriching science and technology has facilitated our life. Now the competition in many industries has evolved into technological competition. This point is

by:LG Printing     2020-02-09
The technical characteristics of color two-dimensional codes are as follows: 1. Anti-counterfeiting technology improves the relatively advanced technology in the current anti-counterfeiting occupation of anti-counterfeiting labels with color two-digit codes. In the whole China, the technology can end the printing of almost no variable color two-dimensional code labels in common printing factories. So the counterfeiters are inorganic. 2. When consumers inquire, consumers no longer need to enter the long product security code, and can immediately know the authenticity of the product when they take out their mobile phones. It is convenient and popular with many consumers. 3, color two-dimensional code label is monotonous, but more beautiful, always two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is beautiful, but the product packaging and coordination, the appearance of color two-dimensional code label can handle customer dissatisfaction. 4. Color two-dimensional code labels show your products, greatly increasing sales. Usually, we can see the QR code. Outdoor billboards, buses, body advertisements, books, websites, product packaging, etc. can be seen everywhere. However, it is basically a two-dimensional code. If there are color two-dimensional codes on the product packaging, it will arouse consumers' curiosity, attract consumers' attention and achieve some promotional significance. The appearance of color two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting technology makes anti-counterfeiting packaging play a major role in the process of product differentiation, successfully attracting the attention of consumers. Product enterprises can also say their own needs when choosing anti-counterfeiting labels, and anti-counterfeiting enterprises will also design according to customer needs, etc. Custom anti-counterfeiting labels, learn more anti-counterfeiting, welcome to consult: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan anti-counterfeiting serves you!
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