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With the development of online shopping platforms, the demand for products is increasing day by day, and fake and shoddy products are also mixed in. The products purchased now have no channels to check, and they are always worried that they will be fake.

by:LG Printing     2020-01-25
I. Brief introduction of temperature change anti-counterfeiting label temperature change prevention device is completed with temperature change ink. The temperature change anti-counterfeiting label of Shangyuan anti-counterfeiting company can flexibly change its original color according to the concave-convex change of the ambient temperature, so that the colored object has a dynamic color effect. The specific color appearing at normal temperature may be colorless, but the color of the label will vary depending on the temperature. Second, the technical principle of temperature change anti-counterfeiting label, the temperature change anti-counterfeiting device produced by Shangyuan to prevent label printing is a special ink printing, and its principle is: when the external temperature of the color-changing ink reaches the temperature range, the internal structure of the ink undergoes intense chemical reaction, which is flattered according to different colors of the label. The identification method is to touch the seal with your hand, or gently touch the seal with hot air, or heat it with high temperature to observe whether the pattern on the seal has changed, so as to identify the authenticity of the purchased goods. III. Advantages and characteristics of anti-counterfeit labels with temperature changes: the authors believe that the anti-counterfeit devices of Chinese sauces attach great importance to the user's experience, so the investigation of the authenticity of the products that consumers prevent labels from temperature changes is very brief, no need to rely on any equipment, after the coating layer is removed, the hand can check its authenticity. Four, temperature change anti-counterfeiting labels use field information anti-counterfeiting warm anti-counterfeiting labels can be widely used, now my customers, covering food, clothing, shoe leather, seeds, agricultural materials, characteristics of agricultural commodities, auto parts, motorcycle parts, civilized Publishing, light industry, electrical appliances, toys, gifts, cosmetics, daily necessities, machinery, building materials, cigarettes, chemicals, liquor, red wine, wine and other industries such as alcohol, electronics, consumables customer. Labels can be customized according to customer needs. Warm anti-counterfeiting labels, mainly warm ink, are mostly used, I . e. = ink, some compounds are temperature sensitive, temperature variation changes color, using ink with this characteristic and data production = ink by color, its printing variation, and further subdivision of rehabilitation = reversible and irreversible ink. The above content is a simple understanding of the temperature change anti-counterfeiting label we know today. Product enterprises can also say their own needs when choosing anti-counterfeiting labels, and anti-counterfeiting enterprises will also design according to customer needs, etc. Custom anti-counterfeiting labels, learn more anti-counterfeiting, welcome to consult: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan anti-counterfeiting serves you!
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