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With the continuous development of social science and technology, the anti-counterfeiting industry is also developing continuously, and the types of anti-counterfeiting labels are becoming more and more

by:LG Printing     2020-03-03
First, the production process of digital anti-counterfeiting labels: 1. Shape: digital anti-counterfeiting labels are generally square, rectangular, round and oval in shape, and can also be designed in various shapes according to customer requirements; 2. Label design: general digital anti-counterfeiting labels include the following aspects, LOGO, phone number, address, etc. According to customer requirements, various anti-counterfeiting information is added to the digital anti-counterfeiting labels, most of which are miniature characters, information encryption, super line shading, anti-counterfeiting decoding, fluorescence, heating discoloration, dripping effect, etc. , while adding anti-counterfeiting system to digital anti-counterfeiting labels; 3. Printing: After the film is taken back to the factory, the film should be washed first, the dust on the film and the fingerprints left on it when it is taken by hand should be washed away, and then printed on the machine initially after washing, after the machine is put on the machine, the color is adjusted until the color value of the label is completely matched with the color in the design draft or the actual sample, and the preliminary printing; 4. Spray code: after printing is completed, spray code on the digital anti-counterfeiting label with a printer; After the code is checked, there are people to pick the code, pick out the incomplete or incomplete ones that have not been sprayed, and use the marker to mark them; If there is a customer demand for film covering here, it can be completed here; 5. Screen: after the code is picked up, the screen work should be carried out. The screen can be scraped with silver and black. If there is a customer's need to heat and change color, or the dripping water may not be effective, it can be completed here; 6. Die cutting: After the screen is finished, the next process is die cutting; 7. Separate Sheets: after die-cutting is completed, separate sheets shall be carried out. At this time, the selection and subsidy of digital anti-counterfeiting labels shall be carried out at the same time. Good digital anti-counterfeiting labels shall be placed on the sheets, and the irregular labels cut during the die-cutting process should be picked out, and then the good digital anti-counterfeiting labels should be added. After the pick-up is completed, the package is packed and packed, after all, the courier company is notified to pick up the pieces and send them to the customers, so that this kind of digital anti-counterfeiting label is finished; To sum up, the lawsuit is an introduction to the production process of digital anti-counterfeiting labels, hoping to be helpful to everyone; If you still want to know more about digital anti-counterfeiting labels, you can consult our Shanghai Shangyuan anti-counterfeiting company. We have been focusing on anti-counterfeiting production for many years and have rich experience, will bring you one-stop service. Tel: 400-998-0111
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