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Why is the holographic positioning hot anti-counterfeiting label effective for anti-counterfeiting?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-25
In recent years, most people shop online. The goods purchased through online shopping do not have a certain scale and qualifications, and you cannot be convinced to a certain extent like a physical store. For consumers, the authenticity must be checked first, because no one is willing to spend money on counterfeit products. At this time, the anti-counterfeiting label has its effect.

  一. What is the positioning hot anti-counterfeit label?

   Positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting labels are also called hot stamping labels in the industry. Positioning hot stamping is a composite form of anti-counterfeiting labels and pasted products. The daily composite form is a common label sticker. The sticker anti-counterfeiting label is coated with rubber on the bottom of the label, and the bottom paper is removed. The label can be affixed with the posted content. The big difference between the positioning heat and the back stick is the coating on the label. The rubber, positioning thermal anti-counterfeiting label requires the anti-counterfeiting information of the heat transfer layer to be affixed to the label, which cannot be peeled off or copied, so it can achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect.

  二. Anti-counterfeiting technology

  1 microfilm, part of aluminum can improve the degree of anti-counterfeiting. It needs a high-power magnifying glass to see clearly, and its unique concealment effect requires a special instrument to read it as a means of internal control and communication.

  2. The substrate can be coated according to the packaging printing method, and the surface layer of the solution plate has excellent packaging printing and copying effects, and is resistant to chemicals and abrasion. It can save copy ribbons and reduce the consumption of copiers; packaging printing adopts packaging printing methods such as screen printing and gravure printing, which can mainly show good packaging printing effects.

  3 Positioning hot-stamping anti-counterfeiting trademarks uses electric eyes to locate the position of hot-stamping patterns, which has higher technical difficulty and higher anti-counterfeiting efficiency than ordinary full-board hot stamping.

  三. Production process

  The anti-counterfeiting visual features come from masters. Mastering advanced proprietary technology directly affects the degree of anti-counterfeiting. Due to well-known reasons, the higher the popularity of mastering technology, the lower the degree of anti-counterfeiting. Although the hologram cannot be copied completely. But the similarity is high.

   Four. Application field

   Application areas of positioning hot stamping trademarks: positioning hot stamping has higher production costs and higher prices than ordinary labels, so this type of label is generally used for anti-counterfeiting, cigarettes, cards and other aspects of high-end products. .

   Five. Production process

  The aluminum anode is oxidized by a hot plate, the peeling layer is melted, and then the adhesive layer is also melted. After the hot stamping adhesive layer is bonded to the substrate, the color layer is peeled from the base surface of the polyester film, and the substrate is Plated with aluminum layer and color layer.

  6. Advantages

1. It can be firmly and intactly glued to the package; it can be used for one time. From the packaging point of view, the image is new and can no longer be used; it can not only help consumers avoid buying fakes by themselves, but also help companies better prevent the occurrence of fakes and allow consumers to buy from regular channels. The encryption method is highly unrecognizable. This kind of encryption has a good anti-counterfeiting effect.

2. It can effectively reduce the possibility of counterfeiting. The anti-counterfeiting coating can be processed twice, but the suspended particle anti-counterfeiting technology prevents counterfeiters from mass production, which greatly increases the anti-counterfeiting effect of the product.

3. Convenient, fast and easy to use, unlike when you have to open the browser when you want to inquire, enter the URL one by one, or call the anti-counterfeiting query phone.

  Anti-counterfeiting system technology refers to the use of scientific and technological progress to identify or detect genuine and fake products, so as to avoid the sale of counterfeit and inferior products in market circulation and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Among them, the advantages of holographic positioning hot anti-counterfeiting labels have successfully selected one of the companies to widely use anti-counterfeiting labels.

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