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Why does the Little Swan washing machine need to customize the anti-counterfeiting label? What advantages can it bring?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-16
Nowadays, there are many fake and shoddy products on the market, as is the washing machine industry. In order to increase consumers’ trust in its own brands, Little Swan washing machines have begun to customize anti-counterfeiting labels to distinguish them from other counterfeit and shoddy products. Many consumers will choose products with anti-counterfeiting labels when buying products to reduce the possibility of buying fake and inferior products. Then the editor will give you a detailed introduction to why the Little Swan washing machine needs to customize the anti-counterfeiting label and what advantages it can bring.

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   1. Why does the Little Swan washing machine make anti-counterfeiting labels?

   1. Spend a small amount of money to make a big publicity, the cost of each anti-counterfeiting label is very low, basically no cost will be added to the single product.

  2. It can promote sales. For the same products, customers will be more inclined to products with anti-counterfeiting labels when purchasing, adding recognition.

  3. The production of anti-counterfeit labels for Little Swan washing machines can improve the brand image of products. Products with anti-counterfeit labels make consumers more at ease. For companies that have just started brands, they can also establish a superior brand image for consumers. .

  4. Improve the level of products. Consumers of products with anti-counterfeiting labels will think that they are relatively high-end and are willing to spend money to buy them.

  5. The production of anti-counterfeiting labels for the Little Swan washing machine is actually an invisible promotion of the product, and consumers will be prompted as genuine products when they inquire.

  6. Through the website query on the anti-counterfeiting label, the click-through rate of the company website can also be added, so that the company website ranks higher on Baidu. Consumers will also read the company’s other product information after checking the authenticity of the website. The role of advertising.

  7. The production of anti-counterfeiting labels for Little Swan washing machines, while consumers scan the code to verify the authenticity, guide consumers to pay attention to the official account, deposit consumers under their own brand, and become the brand's private domain traffic. Now it's the fan economy, the more fans the more they help companies to promote sales.

   8. The production of anti-counterfeiting labels for Little Swan washing machines can also provide more value-added services to the products, such as anti-sweeping, prize promotion, shopping guide points, member points functions, etc.

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   2. Advantages of the anti-counterfeiting label of Little Swan washing machine:

  1. Improve the selling point of the product: Chunyu products with anti-counterfeiting labels enhance the brand awareness of the product, attract the attention of users, and increase customers' desire to buy.

   2. Fight against counterfeiting: The anti-counterfeiting label of Chunyu mask effectively limits the inflow of counterfeit and shoddy products, making it difficult to imitate counterfeit and shoddy products, and effectively guarantees the product brand.

  3. Maintaining market competitiveness: The anti-counterfeiting label of Chunyu facial mask standardizes the market order, enhances customers' awareness of distinguishing true and false, and enhances the market competitiveness of products.

  4. Cost reduction: not only reduces the cost of anti-counterfeiting of enterprises, but also reduces the cost of manpower and physics, and enhances the visibility of the enterprise, which has played a very good promotion effect.

   The anti-counterfeiting label of the Little Swan washing machine uses a QR code as the carrier to track, collect, summarize, query, and manage the information of the washing machine to build a product information management data chain and an overall supervision and management system for the circulation process. If you also need to customize this kind of anti-counterfeiting label, welcome to consult us. We have a professional anti-counterfeiting team and design team, which will bring you one-stop service.

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