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Which Are The Best Bottle Label Manufacturers In China?


Manufacturing companies have been thriving because they have been able to reach many customers who are loyal to their brand. However, it's also noticeable that some brokers obtain products from the manufactures and change the branding then sell to the public. What you won't realize is that you are consuming the same product but with a different name. The fact is that any company must invest in its brand naming and logo design before they can release their product to the public.  


As the online business is sprouting, more and more brand s is also evolving, thus a need to set a unique name to distinguish your products form that of the competitor. So, if you have set up your brand and looking for the best bottle label manufacturers in China, then this content will help you make an important decision. After careful reviewing of the top labeling brands in China, we discovered that LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd is the best company. We shall find why its best among other manufactures in the previous sections. 

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History of Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd 

LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd is located in a 1500 square meter land in Panyu, Guangzhou city. The company is large and equipped with the best printing machines that will ensure your company gets the best bottle label. Eighty employers have the experience of what it takes to ensure success in every project they handle. Customers can reach them by visiting their head office in the district of Tianhe, Guangzhou city center. LG printing company has been serving for the last 20 years. Also, the company holds various certificate s and accreditation; it doesn't only operate in China, but you can also offer global services.  


Why Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd 

20 Years Of Experience 

Printing bottle labels may look a very easy and straightforward bit you should know that experience counts a lot. Bottles are made from different materials, shapes, and sizes. When designing labels, you must have to configure all these factors. Also, bottle labels are prone to damage due to the effect of time and factors surrounding their usage. Some bottles are kept in a cold location; others are kept at room temperature while others are exposed to a hot environment.  


A printing company can't use similar material to print bottle labels that work under different conditions. It takes a company time, experience, and dedication before they can perfect their artistry. Furthermore, the labels need to withstand all those conditions. This company has worked with different people for the past 20 years, and they know what it takes to deliver high-end product labels.  


Quality Assurance Program 

Getting the best bottle label manufacturing company may as well depend on whether they have a quality assurance program or not. Suppose you are going to invest a lot of money in labeling your bottles and you, later on, discovered the label has defects. Indeed, it won't please you. Well LG printing company is a step ahead to ensure the provision of the best customer services.  


Their quality assurance departments are always on the toss to adapt to the changing developments to ensure 100% satisfaction of the customer's expectation. The departments majorly focus on defect prevention, reduction of variation, and continuous improvements. The company is ISO 9001 certified meaning that its products meet the regulatory and statutory requirements. 


Sample Kit And References 

The ability of a company to produce high-quality labels depends on whether or not; they are willing to ship the samples to you. We know it may take time to decide on the best company, but provided they are ready to submit a sample of their previous work, then you won't have any problems. Previous work allows you to determine their potential. LG Printing Technology is our favorite choice because it ships a sample of the finished product to ensure 100% satisfaction. If you also need a reference, you can always talk to over 40,000 previously served customers 


Payments Method 

Some printing companies do not give customers various choices when it comes to payment methods. For instance, if you have a credit card and the company accepts PayPal or Bicton, you'll have to open a new account to match their requirements. On the contrary, LG Printing Technology accepts payments from PayPal, TT, Alipay, Western Union, WeChat, Cash, and cash, among other methods. Also, their website uses 256-bit encryption meaning your data will always be safe.  


In-House Customer Support 


communication is the key to success and that what you need when choosing a printing firm. Whenever you want to put an order for bottle labels, you'll need someone to inform you of what to expect. The process of printing labels may be completed, and we do not expect you know all that, but at least you should be informed to know if your expectation is met at every stage of the project. Such service is only available at Guangzhou LG Printing Technology.  


With over 80 staff, you'll get the best customer service from their dedicated teams. Besides, there is more than one way to reach them whenever you have an inquiry. You can send a direct email to info@lg-printing.com or call using +86-18820014180. Alternatively, you can chat using their Chatbot system from which you'll get quick and informed responses. 

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Different Printing Options 

The usage of low-quality machinery may lead to the production of imperfect bottle labels. LG Printing Company has invested in its machinery also you should expect high-end products. They also specialize in Embossing, UV Varnishing, Digital Printing, Foil Stamping, UV Flexo, Extensive Die Cutting, Arabic Numbering, Laminating Consecutive Barcode, Variable Date. You can always have choices when it comes to printing options; all the companies care about is offer questions the best they deserve. Their machinery meets the quality standards. So, if you need a hologram, waterproof, light silver, plastic or self-adhesive Gold coil stickers, the choice will always be yours. 


Shipping Services 

The company is more dedicated to ensuring you get your products at the time you need them most. The advantage of this firm is that it operates not only in China but also cover other geographical location like North America, Europe, Africa, North America, South East Asia, and the Middle East. So, as long as you dial that call button, their customer service representative guide you on the way forward. 

What we like about the firm is that before it ships the product to you, they will have to send a sample first. If you are certified, they will go ahead and ship the entire batch of the products. However, before bottle labels are shipped, you'll get a video or a photo of your cargo. The products can be sent through TNT, DHL, ARAMEX, UPS, FEDEX. Also, they can be transported by sea or air, so it's upon you to select the most convenient shipping method. 


Incensing And Certification 

Trust is one entity that can't be bought; it needs to develop with time. A company that isn't certified or have a valid license implies that it's not capable of providing the services it claims. Statutory regulations ensure that products manufacture offer services and products that are acceptable. Every journey starts with a single step, that's what LG Printing Technology did 20 years ago. Today, they have acquired industrial production certificate, Printing permit certificate, EMTEK-international Quality system certificate, High-Tech Product Certificate, among other essential certifications.  


After-Sales Services 

Manufacturing products and distributing them isn't always enough; some companies go the extra mile by offering offer sales services. You are lucky that this is one of those companies. Critiques may hurt those who consider themselves perfect. Still, to those who value their position in the printing industry, it will benefit them After-sale service involves following up that the product reached the customer and also get feedback from them. Such steps enable them to have a good rapport with the customer and perfect areas that seem to have flaws. 


Why do you need bottle labels? 

Labels give your business a unique identity. Customers loyal to your brand can quickly identify your products, thereby helping you to retain your customers. Also, stickers are a great way of keeping away pirates. When you have a serial number for a product, it, therefore, means that only products you've branded will are the real ones. Some company products like drugs and supplements may need labels which in many cases always contain the ingredients list and guidelines on the standard dosage. It, therefore, becomes easy for consumers to use the product with overconsumption 


Final verdict 

Even though there are other bottle label manufacturers in China, Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co., Ltd is our best choice. Starting from the time you make an order to that time when you receive the products, you will appreciate the effort of this company. They offer premium services while at the same time considering your budget limit. You are a step away from being top in eCommerce, order the best bottle label and continue being at the top of your business category as you make profits.  

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