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Which anti-counterfeit papers are used to make anti-counterfeit labels

by:LG Printing     2021-03-19
With the development of the market economy, many fake and inferior products flood the market. The importance of anti-counterfeiting labels is becoming more and more important. Whether the product has an anti-counterfeiting label is one of the considerations for consumers to choose to buy. The anti-counterfeiting label on the item is also faster for us to distinguish the authenticity of the item from the information of the item (there is a picture). The enterprise of the item is also paying more and more attention to the application of the anti-counterfeiting label. Its role is not only anti-counterfeiting because there are many reasons. This is why everyone loves it more and more. Do you know that different anti-counterfeiting labels also have different anti-counterfeiting papers? Let's take a look below.

   Let’s learn about four commonly used anti-counterfeit paper materials:

  1. Paper with trace additives

  When adding pulp or applying paste on the surface of paper, add special compounds to the paste (using the principle of the specific reaction of organisms with antigens and antibodies, a small amount of antibody is added to the pulp or a part of the paper). This chemical reagent can develop color or fluorescence after being coated with a specific chemical reagent (use the corresponding specific antibody for binding during detection, and distinguish the authenticity by the presence or absence of labeling reactions such as coloration and fluorescence).

  2. Fiber paper

  In the production of fiber paper, red, blue and other colored fibers or colored flakes (dots) are mixed into the pulp, or spread on the surface of the pulp before the paper is solidified, and the fluorescence is reflected under ultraviolet light to make it have the same characteristics as the paper itself. Different colored fibers. The red and blue fiber filaments and colored dots mixed in the pulp are divided into two types: colored fiber and colorless fluorescent fiber. The former can be seen on paper with the naked eye, and the latter and the colored dots need to appear under ultraviolet light. The colors are red, blue, orange, etc., and the shape can be thick or thin, long or short.

  3. Watermarked paper

  Watermark paper is paper with embossed, perspective, touch image, barcode, etc. The RMB we often use is waterproof printing technology. Since watermarks cannot be reproduced by printers and scanners, the anti-counterfeiting effect is valued. Now, the application scope of watermarking has been extended to valuable bills, certificates, and even books and periodicals. Watermarking is in the papermaking process, which requires the use of technical anti-counterfeiting trademarks, patterns and other papers. For example, it can be embedded in the installation of a pre-designed watermark graphic printed version on the screen, or the printing cylinder can suppress or. According to the height of the figure, the pulp forms the corresponding density with different thickness. After paper is formed, the light transmittance is different according to the density of the pulp shown in the figure. Therefore, the original design picture and text can be presented when observed through light transmission. The black and white watermark makes the paper layer thicker or thinner according to different gray levels.

  4. Anti-counterfeiting logo holographic paper

   Paper-based holographic products are divided into two types: migration type and non-migration type. Holographic laser anti-counterfeiting technology is combined with paper. One is the use of holographic technology and special equipment to transfer the forming holographic image transfer method (thermal mold, composite peeling, UV light curing, etc.) partially or completely onto paper. The other is a direct plating method of coating a polymer coating on paper and directly plating aluminum to form a hologram.

   The above is the anti-counterfeit paper technology of the anti-counterfeit label for everyone. Everyone now knows what kind of paper the anti-counterfeiting label we saw when we purchased the item. Of course, anti-counterfeiting paper materials are not the only ones. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to consult: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is at your service!


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