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Where can I make anti-counterfeiting labels and how to apply?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-18
According to different anti-counterfeiting labels, the production process is different. Different label materials can be selected. Paper stickers, PVC, pets are widely used, such as laser marking. Choose aluminum oxide film, choose laser-textured anti-counterfeit fiber paper. It is easy to choose fragile labels. Decomposition, some special anti-counterfeiting labels choose blank paper (similar to paper yuan), etc., for the following anti-counterfeiting marks, the benefits of anti-counterfeiting and the processing process are introduced in detail:

  The benefits of handling anti-counterfeiting labels

   1. The role of anti-counterfeiting products must first be controllable with proprietary technology. If anyone can make an anti-counterfeiting product, it loses the meaning of anti-counterfeiting? Therefore, anti-counterfeiting technology is the standard to measure, especially patent anti-counterfeiting technology can show the strength of an anti-counterfeiting product.

  2. Strictly handle the company's production process flow. Any technical means relies on transactions. If the technology is in place but the transactions are not strict, and the company's production and sales operating system is not perfect, no matter how smart anti-counterfeiting technology is, it will not be able to resist the ulterior motives of false elements.

  3, anti-counterfeiting mark. The appraisal of anti-counterfeiting products includes expert appraisal and general public appraisal. Whether by means of special equipment or by visual observation, anti-counterfeiting products need to have certain appraisal.

  4. Anti-counterfeiting products and anti-counterfeiting items cannot be separated. If an anti-counterfeit product can be completely removed, it may be transferred to a fake product. Such an anti-counterfeit product is a big disadvantage.

  5. Anti-counterfeiting economy. Commodities have a certain value. If the cost of anti-counterfeiting commodities is too high, their use surface will be greatly restricted.

  Process of processing anti-counterfeiting labels

  The first step: The company provides corporate qualifications, such as copies of company business licenses, tax registration certificates, trademark registration certificates, production licenses, etc., and stamps them.

   Step 2: Provide brand identity and company name. According to the technical requirements of the customer's anti-counterfeiting label, the company can choose the anti-counterfeiting label that is satisfied with the product packaging, design and transfer enterprise. The customer selects and designs the anti-counterfeiting label, and signs to confirm the design draft.

  The third step: Sign the anti-counterfeiting agreement. The enterprise and the anti-counterfeiting company sign an anti-counterfeiting label production commission agreement and a network entry contract to clarify the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The signing of the anti-counterfeiting agreement requires both parties to sign and affix the official seal.

  After the above three steps, the anti-counterfeit label company began to place orders with the factory to produce anti-counterfeit labels.

   1. According to different labels, specifications and production requirements, prepare materials, make films, and cut suitable adhesive materials; printing 3. coding 4. coating 5. printing scratched silver 6. on the printed product Corresponding fonts are printed on the scratched silver, such as; scratch the plating layer to check its authenticity. 7. Die cutting, waste, after the previous related printing process is completed, enter the die cutting process, that is, use the entire or entire label to die cut into the required Specifications, after die-cutting, are generally wasted, and the edges are not wasted.

   There will be a market when there is demand. In the market with more and more counterfeit and inferior products, many companies will choose anti-counterfeit labels, anti-counterfeit packaging and other materials to protect the image of their products. The use of anti-counterfeit labels can also make consumers more Good to distinguish the authenticity! The purpose of anti-counterfeiting labels is much more than that, such as sales, promotion, marketing and so on. Customize anti-counterfeiting labels to learn more about anti-counterfeiting. Welcome to call: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is at your service!

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