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When you want to print your own company ID cards in house

by:LG Printing     2020-06-04
Teslin paper that comes to supplement the ID card kits is available in three types. The most common one is the single sheet that comes with the credit card size area demarcated by perforation in the middle of a larger sheet. You could print this in any printer and detach the center portion and laminate. The second type of Teslin paper comes with 8 perforated areas to make it possible to print up to 8 ID cards at a time. The third type is the full sheet of Teslin paper with no perforations. This sheet is the cheapest and if you have a photo trimmer, this is the best paper to use as you could save a lot. A full sheet of Teslin paper is 8.5'x 11' in size and it is coated on both sides to make it attract the printing ink in order to make a quality print. Therefore, you could use either side of these papers for the purpose of the printing your ID cards. You get them on both varieties that are suitable for printing with ink jet printers as well as the variety that is made for printing with laser printers. Whatever the printer you use the resultant ID card is highly resistant to aberrations and also it is water proof. One of the advantages of using the ID card kits for printing your identity cards in house is the availability of extra printing paper and laminates readily. When you have your mini laminating machine, you only need to source these printing papers, butterfly laminating pouches and the holograms. Since they are easy to source, ID card kits could be used for a long time. Therefore, they are very useful for a small company. When a new ID card has to be printed, it could be done in a matter of a few minutes. Both ink jet Teslin printing paper and the laser Teslin paper have the same thickness of 10 mil. When an ID is printed and laminated it becomes higher in thickness to become 30 mil. This thickness makes it sturdy for day to day use. Besides as Teslin is a synthetic paper which is based on silica it is very much stronger than any other kind of paper. This also contributes to the success of ID card kits. Therefore you could place your confidence on these card kits and start using them to make ID cards of your employees.
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