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When you buy items, you usually rely on anti-counterfeiting labels to distinguish between true and false, and have you ever encountered temperature-changing anti-counterfeiting labels? Temperature change anti-counterfeiting is

by:LG Printing     2020-02-03
1. The technical nature of the temperature change anti-counterfeiting label: 1. Irreversible temperature change anti-counterfeiting technology: temperature change heat sensitive ink has two kinds of color development and color change. Color development irreversible temperature change ink is colorless in appearance, and color appears after being subjected to heat, and color no longer recovers colorless after cooling; Irreversible Color change the original color of ink changes from one color to another after being heated, and the color will no longer recover from the primary color after cooling down; 2. Reversible temperature change anti-counterfeiting technology: reversible type has three types: color development, color elimination and color change. Reversible Color development is colorless in appearance, and color appears after being heated. After cooling, the color does not appear to be colorless; The color removal is reversible. After the original color is heated, the color is invisible, and the original color can be recovered after cooling; The color-changing reversible type changes the original color into another color after being heated, and the original color can be recovered after cooling; Can change the color with the change of ambient temperature, and then make the colored object have the color function of dynamic change; 3. Hand temperature change anti-counterfeiting technology: Touch the corresponding part of the label with the temperature and heat of the hand, and the color will change the reservation. Usually, this change is reversible. After the hand is released, once the temperature of the label drops, the label will soon recover as it is; 4. High temperature temperature anti-counterfeiting technology: the most common high temperature anti-counterfeiting label is baked with a lighter. It is more common in the packaging and label of many wines. It can change from colorless to red, black to red. 2. How to use the temperature change anti-counterfeiting label: 1. The printing of the anti-counterfeiting mark for temperature change is made of special ink, and its color change principle is that the chemical structure inside the ink changes when the external temperature reaches a certain temperature range, so that the high temperature color change anti-counterfeiting label presents different colors. The identification method can be used to touch the mark with hands and forehead or gently breathe a sigh of relief, or use high-temperature heating to change the color of the anti-counterfeiting label pattern, so that users can immediately identify the true and false of the purchased goods; 2. The color of the high-temperature color change anti-counterfeit label will no longer return to colorless after cooling; The original color of the color-changing irreversible heat-sensitive ink changes to another color after being heated, and the original color will not be restored after cooling. Suitable for printing glue, silk, concave, soft and other printing methods. Compared with offset printing, silk screen printing has better effect and offset printing has lighter color. The temperature and color of the above thermal ink can be set and produced according to the specific requirements of customers. The more common temperature ranges are 30℃ and 50℃. High temperature color change anti-counterfeiting label is a widely used anti-counterfeiting label in the market at present. It is widely used in clothing, footwear, health care products, food, auto parts, medicine, electrical appliances, audio-visual products, digital products and other industries. The temperature-changing anti-counterfeiting label is mainly a temperature-changing ink. Many of them are heat-sensitive inks. Some compounds are sensitive to temperature and show color changes with temperature changes, the ink made of this characteristic data is called thermal ink. According to the rehabilitation status of its imprint color change, it can be further subdivided into reversible thermal ink and irreversible thermal ink.
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