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When the non-drying label printing ink quality problems and solutions

by:LG Printing     2021-01-26

when the non-drying label printing ink printing problems mainly for ink and ink two cases, we do the main cause of these two conditions has the following several aspects, we now were introduced simply.

one, is the operator of proficiency. Different kinds of materials, different ink layer thickness and different printing for drying device has different requirements. Press on the power of curing, printing speed and ink layer thickness can be adjusted, require the operator to use their professional judgment, such as manipulator deal with the relationship between each other, can affect the effect of drying.

2, is the quality of the ink. Ink in the market now there are many, the quality is very different, and the same manufacturer is different color ink drying speed and curing degree is not the same. Because of the ink itself makes phenomena often occur, especially the black ink printing ink and dry, even very good ink will also have this problem.

3, related to curing device

lamp aging, the output power can not meet the design power, energy is not enough; Device of excessive dust affect the light output power; Device output power is small, cannot satisfy the requirement of printing ink curing.

4, material reasons

printing materials, especially the thin film material, its surface tension is the main reason for the ink fastness, must check before printing surface tension. In order to ensure the printing quality, several factors should be paid attention to what is said above, try to be coordinated.

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