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When installing the glass, everyone will stick some cellophane on the glass, which is usually used by the glass in the toilet, so the privacy effect is better, so many families are

by:LG Printing     2020-02-01
1, the first is the prepared tools, some art knives, rulers, scraper, etc. , are used, and some detergents and rags are also used, this is usually used before stickers. Then measure the size of the sticker, first measure the size of the glass and then the size of the sticker. 2. It is better to have more stickers when cutting, so that if there is not enough in the process of use, it can be used. Wipe the glass clean before the sticker, wipe it with detergent and rag, and be sure to wipe off the dirt on the glass so that the sticker will be firm. 3, tear the glass film with the glue on the glass, be sure to find the right position, and then slowly adjust it, do not stick it and then tear it off, in this way, the viscosity will be greatly reduced, so that it will fall off in the future. After pasting, use a scraper to scrape off some bubbles in it. 1, Glass stickers are more economical, save a lot more than others, and its use is very convenient, the operation is very simple, it is also relatively light, it is also faster to replace, so there are more and more families using glass stickers. 2, the safety of the glass sticker is also relatively high, the safety is very good for the heat insulation film, it has a very high heat insulation, can block 90% of the ultraviolet rays, and it has a non-fading function, the service life is also very long. Decorating a house is a troublesome thing, and all aspects need to be considered. Even a small glass sticker needs careful construction. If it is not good, there will be some problems in the process of use, so everyone should first understand the construction method of some glass stickers. In fact, the method of Glass stickers is relatively simple, as long as the construction is carried out according to the steps, there is generally no problem, so don't worry too much. Everyone knows the above contents and hopes to be helpful to everyone.
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