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What types of paper are used for laser anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-06
There is a kind of anti-counterfeiting label that attracts more shops that use the product based on its appearance, and its appearance also attracts buyers. It is a hologram label, which has strong anti-counterfeiting function and gorgeous color. Ordinary consumers don't understand or pay attention to such label materials and characteristics. For product companies, it is necessary to have a certain understanding. Below we introduce in detail which types of paper for laser anti-counterfeiting labels.

   There are four main types of paper for laser anti-counterfeiting labels:

  1, laser holographic paper

   can be divided into film stickers and pure paper. The film sticker is made by laminating different types of paper with laser holographic PET or OPP film. The laminated cardboard not only has better stiffness, is not easy to tear, and the film surface is waterproof. The laser holographic pure paper directly prints the laser holographic pattern on the paper through advanced embossing technology. Its major feature is that it is environmentally friendly. Whether it is a laser holographic film sticker or pure paper, it is suitable for printing with general ink or UV ink. In addition to paper boxes, covers of books and magazines or poster materials, it also has a good effect on gift wrapping paper, chewing gum, soap and other packaging.

  2, laser holographic aluminum foil

   is to print a laser holographic image on the ordinary aluminum foil, thereby improving the anti-counterfeiting function and appearance effect of the package. It has good processing adaptability and other characteristics in packaging, which is very suitable for mechanized production. The main application object of aluminum foil is medicine packaging. Because of its excellent light-shielding, moisture-proof, gas-barrier and taste-preserving properties, it can almost protect the light, gas, humidity and taste of medicines, thereby greatly improving The shelf life of the medicines. However, the general aluminum foil has no anti-counterfeiting function, and the laser holographic aluminum foil has an additional laser holographic processing technology, which makes it impossible for counterfeiters to easily obtain or copy the same material. Therefore, the anti-counterfeiting performance of the medicine can be improved.

  3, laser holographic hot stamping

  Laser holographic hot stamping foil is a holographic laser processing thin foil with hot stamping function to form two-dimensional, three-dimensional, dot matrix, spiral, synthetic holographic and other images, with high gloss, colorful and variable colors It overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary bronzing technology, such as monotonous form, low quality, and lack of anti-counterfeiting effect. Laser holographic hot stamping foil includes ordinary hot stamping foil and transparent laser holographic hot stamping foil. In laser holographic hot stamping foil, different holographic effects can be combined with each other, and dual-channel, partial aluminum plating, color separation effect, and micro lettering can also be added. A variety of anti-counterfeiting elements such as hidden information, in the processing of surface finishing of printed products and paper, use effective high-level anti-counterfeiting means to achieve its unique copyright protection.

  4, laser holographic cold foil foil

   It is the use of printing and pressing technology to transfer the laser holographic foil to the substrate. It breaks the traditional hot stamping process of transferring gold foil by hot pressing, and uses a new technology-cold pressing technology to transfer gold foil, which not only solves the difficult process problems in hot stamping printing, but also avoids the production of metal printing plates. The pollution caused to the environment in the process can also save a lot of energy. Cold foil has the advantages of fast printing speed, short production cycle, wide application of materials, high printing accuracy, good anti-counterfeiting effect, cost saving, full use of original equipment, improved production efficiency, and compliance with environmental printing requirements. It is printed in Europe and the United States in recent years. New technological achievements in the industry. The laser holographic cold foil can also be transparent and cold foiled to achieve the unity of anti-counterfeiting and brand identity.

   The above content is what we know today about the types of paper used to make laser anti-counterfeiting labels. Product merchants can choose different materials according to application requirements, and different materials have different application ranges. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to call: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting provides you with one-stop service!

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