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What types of materials commonly used stickers printing

by:LG Printing     2021-01-27

stickers printing, in simple terms refers to under certain pressure to pass through the plate materials such as printing ink transferred to the substrate surface in the process of the coated with rubber cover on the back of the process. So, what types used in self-adhesive printing materials?

a lot of materials used in self-adhesive printing, generally has the following kinds

coated paper, coated paper is made by coating base paper after coating and decoration processing of paper, fine and smooth surface is one of the most widely used material, used in medicine, food, edible oil, wine, beverage, electronics, stationery information label.

writing paper: also called rough paper, is a kind of rough surface of the non-drying label, generally can be used laser printers, inkjet printers and bar code label printer to print, is often used to price of the product label, information label, bar code label printing and material label and shipping label, etc.

aluminum foil: general label paper for more color product label, applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, cultural supplies of high-grade information label.

thermal paper, thermal paper is a kind of paper made of coated paper base material processing, the manufacture principle is on the high quality base paper coating a layer of heat sensitive coating ( Polychromatic layer) , is a high heat sensitive thermosensitive coating processing of paper material, apply to the price tag and other retail USES information such as the label.

easy shredding, characterized by stripping seal adhesive label paper, immediately after the discarded; Widely used in mobile phone, telephone and computer accessories, auto electrical, alcohol, drugs, food, cosmetics, show tickets on the high-grade goods, such as quality assurance.

laser laser film: is the use of color laser hologram plate making technology and die of generic technology complete anti-counterfeit labels, can enterprise information on the LOGO appearance to do, LOGO, trademarks, etc. , also can do the pictures or other special drawings, lines. Is applicable to cultural supplies, adornment of high-end label information.

页( Polypropylene) : is there a bright white, white, bright silver, transparent, with good water resistance, oil resistance, stiffness, etc. Widely used in daily chemical products and cosmetics category.

PE ( Polyethylene) : is there a bright white, white, bright silver and transparent a few kinds of color, very soft, good compression resistance, tensile resistance is poor, water resistant, oil resistant. Due to PE adhesive material is relatively soft, are used in need often extrusion and easy deformation of the bottle. For bathroom supplies, cosmetics and other extrusion packaging label information.

宠物( Polyethylene terephthalate) : PET adhesive material is a kind of polymer material, has good hard brittle, natural biodegradable, generally can be divided into: light silver PET, dumb silver PET and drawing which PET, widely used in a variety of special occasions, such as mobile phone batteries, computer monitors, air conditioning compressor, etc.

PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) : is a kind of polymer material, of common color white, pearl white. PVC and PET performance close to, it is larger than that of PET with good flexibility, soft feel, but poor degradability of PVC, has a negative effect on environmental protection, is often used in jewelry, jewelry, watches and clocks, electronics, metals, etc.

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