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What standards should anti-counterfeiting products meet?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-03
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's consumption level is also getting higher and higher, the market competitiveness is also increasing, counterfeit and inferior products are also emerging; for this reason, companies have customized anti-counterfeiting products to prevent products from being counterfeited. Inferior, many people choose to make anti-counterfeiting labels that are particularly cheap, but it does not have the standards for anti-counterfeiting products at all, so when choosing an anti-counterfeiting company, you must choose a formal and powerful one. Many people may not know which standards the anti-counterfeiting products need to meet, so let's take a look together next.

   1. Anti-counterfeiting product standards:

   1. Simple and easy to identify: Anti-counterfeiting is mainly for consumers. It is a cognitive tool provided to consumers by enterprises to distinguish between true and false. The purpose is to prevent consumers from being deceived by fake and inferior products. Consumers and managers at any level can be easily and accurately identified without the use of any equipment, tools or paying additional fees, and the conclusions are accurate and reliable.

  2. Security is difficult to imitate: anti-counterfeiting technology should have technical threshold, scale threshold, equipment threshold, process threshold and other barriers, and it is difficult to copy and imitate by itself; or the technical threshold and equipment threshold cannot be realized, or the equipment and imitated equipment and Investment risks are unbearable for counterfeiters.

   3. Appropriate cost: Anti-counterfeiting investment should conform to the cost-effectiveness principle of the enterprise.

  4. Exquisite design: As the visual highlight of the packaging, the logo design is an obvious reminder; while anti-counterfeiting, it improves the taste and grade of the company's existing product packaging.

   2. Types of paper used in anti-counterfeiting products:

  1. Fiber paper: In papermaking, colored fibers such as red and blue or colored small pieces (dots) are mixed into the pulp, or sprinkled on the surface of the paper before the paper is not shaped, and there is fluorescent reflection under ultraviolet radiation, which makes the paper There are colored fibers that are different from the paper itself.

  2. Anti-counterfeiting holographic paper: Holographic products based on paper, divided into two types: transfer type and non-transfer type. Laser anti-counterfeiting technology is combined with paper to make anti-counterfeiting paper.

  3. Watermarked paper: Watermarked paper is paper with embossed, see-through, touchable images, barcodes, etc. The banknotes use watermark anti-counterfeiting technology. Because watermarks cannot be reproduced by photocopiers, scanners, etc., their anti-counterfeiting effects are highly valued. There are three types of watermarks: fixed watermark, semi-fixed watermark and non-fixed watermark.

  4. Anti-counterfeiting paper with security thread: refers to placing a gold thread or plastic thread in the middle of the paper during the papermaking process. Very early used special metal wire, polyester plastic wire, micro letter security wire, fluorescent security wire, magnetic wire and so on. The shape of the safety line is straight, wavy, zigzag, etc.

  5. Anti-copy paper: A kind of fully-absorbent anti-copy paper, with blue and brownish red on the outside. The graphics and text on the paper can only be seen through light, and the copy is pitch black. But this kind of paper is not convenient for daily use.

  6. Carbonless copy paper: Carbonless copy paper has three layers: the upper layer (the back of the base paper is coated with a microcapsule-wrapped color agent); the middle layer (multi-layer structure except the upper layer and the lower layer, can be regarded as the middle layer, the middle layer The front side of the base paper is coated with a layer of color developer, and the back side is coated with a layer of color developer wrapped in microcapsules; the lower layer (the front side of the base paper is coated with a layer of color developer) uses strong external pressure (such as writing) to act on the front and back of the upper layer When the microcapsule package is broken, the color-developing agent contacts with the front color-developing agent of the lower layer, and a color reaction occurs.

  ; Intuitive, easy to identify and; Security is difficult to imitate. An effective combination of the two can be regarded as effective anti-counterfeiting, and can play a protective role in the true sense. The lack of any aspect will lose the anti-counterfeiting function And meaning. If you need to make anti-counterfeiting products, welcome to consult us. We are a formal and powerful high-tech enterprise, and will bring you a one-stop anti-counterfeiting solution.

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