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What standards must the produced anti-counterfeiting label meet?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-16
In our daily life, we can see anti-counterfeiting labels everywhere. As we all know, anti-counterfeiting labels are powerful weapons for companies to protect the interests of consumers, protect corporate products, establish brand images, and combat counterfeit and shoddy products. Of course, people are also very concerned about the quality of anti-counterfeiting labels, so let me introduce to you what standards need to be met to make anti-counterfeiting labels to be considered quality guaranteed.

   1. What standards are needed to make anti-counterfeiting labels:

  1. Corporate Selection Criteria

  (1) Data security: The database of anti-counterfeit labels is secure, and the outside world cannot steal data. Similarly, the internal data confidentiality mechanism of the enterprise is strict and there is no possibility of internal leakage;

   (2) Intuitive and easy to identify: The identification method can be clearly explained through simple pictures and texts, and ordinary consumers can understand and grasp after the explanation, and can accurately identify based on this;

  (3) Appropriate price: The anti-counterfeiting solution conforms to the cost-effectiveness criterion, and is the cost-acceptable solution for the company;

   (4) Exquisite design: The anti-counterfeiting scheme should be a visual highlight in the design, and it should be a prominent reminder; together with the anti-counterfeiting, the taste and level of the company's existing packaging cannot be reduced.

  2. Appearance production standard of anti-counterfeiting label

  (1) Image quality: clear, bright, and colorful;

   (2) Self-adhesive coating: The surface of the self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label is free of overflow, adhesion, burrs, etc.;

   (3) Flatness: The self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label has no serious creases or bumps;

   (4) Scratches: There are no obvious scratches on the surface of the self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label;

   (5) Die cutting: the edge of the anti-counterfeiting label is cut neatly, and there is no bottom paper cut through. Under the premise of ensuring the integrity of the pattern, the middle deviation of the large die cutting is ≤1mm;

   (6) Adhesiveness: The edge part of the self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label also has good adhesiveness;

  (7) Crack: There is no crack on the surface of the self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label;

   (8) Black spots: There can be no more than 2 black spots with a diameter of less than 0.5 mm, and there can be no black spots in the main text pattern of the image.

  3. Anti-counterfeiting label function standard:

   (1) Requirements for non-destructive labels: Put the label on the product to be affixed, and uncover it after 24 hours. The removed label is intact; the requirement for one-time use: the label is affixed to the product being affixed On, uncovered after 24 hours, the damage degree of the target is ≥60%;

   (2) Adhesive viscosity requirements: pressure-sensitive adhesive peel strength value not less than 2.5N/25mm (press the label when pasting); coating and anti-counterfeiting code. The coating on the anti-counterfeiting label should not be removed by touching it, or scratched with your hands. In addition, the anti-counterfeiting code after scratching off the coating should be clear and easy to identify;

   (3) During transportation, the product should be protected from the sun, rain, heavy pressure, and not mixed with chemically polluted materials; the storage environment requires good ventilation, dryness, and temperature -5°C to 40°C;

  4. Anti-counterfeiting label use standard:

   The surface of the affixed object is required to be clean, free of oil stains, sweat stains, water stains, and release agent. Special instructions are required for the surface of special shapes.

  5. Anti-counterfeiting label quality standard:

  The inner packaging is packed in a transparent plastic bag, with a certificate of conformity inside, indicating the product name and production date, and the outer packaging is a corrugated carton;

   In summary, it is an introduction to the standards that need to be met for the production of anti-counterfeiting labels, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone; to make anti-counterfeiting labels, just find us. We are a high-tech enterprise with many years of anti-counterfeiting experience. We rely on innovative With technology, sophisticated products and reliable services, we are committed to providing personalized and serialized value-added products and services for famous enterprises, constantly exceeding customer expectations and creating value for customers.

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