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What marketing methods does the red envelope marketing system have? What marketing effects can be achieved?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-05
With the continuous improvement of living standards, the competition between products has become more and more fierce, and the products between enterprises have begun to homogenize. In order to seek development in this fiercely competitive market, enterprises have set up red envelope marketing systems. Develop marketing in the form of red envelopes, integrate word-of-mouth marketing models, enhance corporate brand exposure, and make terminals sell more. Many people are not particularly familiar with the marketing gameplay of the red envelope marketing system. Here, I will introduce to you its marketing gameplay and marketing effects.

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   1. The marketing method of the red envelope marketing system:

  1. Scan the code to receive the red envelope: The development of the red envelope marketing system, with the help of the one-item one-code technology, can flexibly set prizes, awards and winning rates to increase brand influence.

  2. Get cash red envelopes: After purchasing the product, consumers only need to scan the QR code on the package to receive cash red envelopes. Red envelopes can be withdrawn or made into vouchers to increase the second purchase rate.

  3. Anti-counterfeiting red envelopes: the development of red envelope marketing system, which uses QR code as the entrance, and integrates multiple functions such as anti-counterfeiting, membership points, red envelope rewards, etc., to closely link products, brands, enterprises and consumers through a QR code Together.

  4. Shopping guide red envelopes: Red envelope marketing system development, shopping guide red envelope models: pre-sales red envelopes, after-sales red envelopes, pre-sales red envelopes, pre-sales and after-sales red envelopes, etc., to encourage the working status of shopping guides and help companies increase sales.

  5. Fission red envelopes: Red envelope marketing system development, innovative marketing gameplay, allowing consumers to actively share red envelopes to form fission, and help businesses realize brand fission communication.

  6. Traceability red envelopes: Red envelope marketing system development, through a two-dimensional code to provide product full-process and full-cycle retrospective value-added services, adding red envelope functions to increase product sales.

  7. Distribution of red envelopes: The development of red envelope marketing system, using the red envelope QR code as the entrance, realizes online and offline distribution, easily attracts investment, and quickly distributes goods, and establishes a bridge between enterprises and consumers.

  8. Channel red envelopes: The red envelope marketing system is developed. Each dealer only needs to scan the QR code to receive red envelopes, which will encourage dealers to get more goods, improve overall performance, and broaden sales channels.

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   2. The marketing effect of the red envelope marketing system:

  1. Introduce offline consumers online, the redemption process is simple and easy to operate, enhance the participation of the overall event; make marketing more interesting, effectively stimulate consumers' enthusiasm for purchase, and greatly increase the repeat purchase rate;

  2. The development of the red envelope marketing system, adding interest to marketing settings, and attracting traffic by grabbing red envelopes to a large extent mobilize the participation and interaction of consumers; the rewarding platform is centralized on the WeChat official account. Increase sales through activities and attract a large number of WeChat fans at the same time, killing two birds with one stone;

  3. Let consumers get tangible rebates, and the prizes go directly to the end consumers; dealer rebates and red envelopes for worker members can greatly stimulate the sales enthusiasm of both. Distributors are willing to increase the purchase volume and broaden the coverage of worker members so as not only to obtain profits from selling products, but also to obtain rebates from the brand. Workers are willing to recommend products to owners, get cash red envelopes, and earn income other than labor costs.

  4. Red envelope marketing system development, powerful data analysis function, through data analysis and mining to provide enterprises with user portraits, user needs, marketing effects and other analysis, realize data visualization, adjust brand marketing strategies, and provide enterprises with powerful The basis of accurate marketing.

   The red envelope marketing system is highly accepted by the audience, and the effect of publicity will be very good. If you want to know more about the red envelope marketing system, welcome to consult us. We are a high-tech enterprise with many years of anti-counterfeiting experience and will bring you one-stop service.

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