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What kind of problems can the one-item one-code traceability system help food companies solve?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-27
As we all know that food safety is related to our life safety. In recent years, food incidents have occurred frequently. I believe I don’t need to say that everyone knows how important food safety is. For this reason, companies have customized a one-item, one-code traceability system, which can integrate anti-counterfeiting. , Anti-fleeing goods, integral marketing, distribution mall, big data analysis and other marketing modules are a reliable way for food production enterprises to achieve; Internet + upgrade. So can the one-item one-code traceability system help food companies solve those problems?

   One. One thing one code traceability system can help food companies solve problems:

  1. Industrial upgrading: Industrial upgrading is related to the survival of enterprises and will change the competitive landscape of enterprises in the industry. By seizing opportunities and decisively upgrading, enterprises will gain more competitive advantages and living space. In the next few years, my country's manufacturing industry will see 'Internet +' informatization upgrades, which are opportunities and challenges faced by food manufacturers.

  2. Brand marketing: Consumers can use their mobile phone WeChat to scan the QR code of the product to jump to the H5 page, show consumers the integrated brand marketing module, and help consumers make purchase decisions through brand promotion . The marketing module of the one-item one-code traceability system can be equipped for companies: brand stories, theme videos, interviews with entrepreneurs, brand anti-counterfeiting, logistics anti-smuggling, member point marketing, big data accurate marketing system, interactive questionnaire survey, market distribution system Wait. Help companies realize the combination of traceability and network marketing, and help food companies create a worry-free, time-saving, and money-saving brand marketing plan.

  3. Strengthen quality control: One thing one code traceability system is divided into two parts: the internal traceability of the production process of the enterprise and the external traceability of the product circulation link. The establishment of a traceability system for food companies must strengthen the standardization and standardization of raw material procurement, raw material storage, raw material production and production, production and processing, sampling quality inspection, and finished product storage, and clarify the person in charge of each link. And provide a basis for the implementation of the enterprise's internal accountability system.

  4. Avoid risks: Once the food has quality problems, we can quickly find out the responsibility link based on the one-item one-code traceability system. For example, after the food expires, consumers will experience gastrointestinal discomfort after eating. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the food is out of date due to the lack of inventory at the supermarket or the manufacturer’s inventory backlog. After finding the reason, the responsibility can be clarified to avoid the mutual wrangling or joint liability of suppliers, manufacturers, and sellers. It is helpful for enterprises to avoid risks in food safety accidents.

  5. Accurate recall and stop loss in time: Once food quality problems occur, they can be recalled accurately according to product batches, which can not only accurately track the sales dynamics of problem products, but also can be removed from the shelves or recalled in time, and can also be avoided Carry out a large-scale blind recall of the entire brand.

   In summary, it is an introduction to the problems that can be solved by the one-item one-code traceability system. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Customize the one-item one code traceability system to effectively ensure food safety. We are a high-tech enterprise with many years of anti-counterfeiting experience. , With innovative technology, sophisticated products and reliable services, we are committed to providing personalized, professional and serialized value-added products and services for famous enterprises, constantly exceeding customer expectations and creating value for customers.

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