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What kind of anti-trafficking development system is good for anti-trafficking?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-30
In the process of enterprise development, with the continuous expansion of dealers and agents, many companies often encounter various problems: agents hold authorized licenses but are selling other products that are not on the platform; or companies vigorously promote brands Market promotion, but other counterfeit products appear to seize market share, causing confusion in the price system, directly affecting the brand reputation, and causing losses to the manufacturer. No matter what happens, it will severely damage the brand image, cause decline in performance, and loss of loyal dealers. as a result of.

   One, how can we better solve these problems?

   One item, one code, anti-fleeing development system, gives each product a unique anti-counterfeiting and anti-fleeing code. Through the agent delivery scan code, the company can monitor the product flow in the Penguin code background to prevent the agent from taking the goods. , Or cross-regional merchandising.

   2. How to do the anti-sweeping development system?

  1. Manage inbound and outbound through logistics codes to help brands build a multi-level dealer network and manage dealers at all levels;

  2, the box is attached with an anti-counterfeiting code, and the terminal retailer scans the code data to check and track the sales area of u200bu200bthe goods;

  3. The anti-smuggling goods are transformed from manual inspections to automatic mobile phones, and the brand's own anti-smuggling big data is established;

  4. Reduce business costs. Say goodbye to the previous channel control method that relied on offline inspection and supervision of dealers, online real-time monitoring, and saving a lot of manpower control costs.

   5. Dealer data monitoring. Through the logistics code delivery, we can view the receipt and delivery of each dealer, and at the same time through the consumer scan code data, we can understand the sales dynamics of the dealers at all levels in the Penguin code background, and display the inventory data in real time. Sales data reports will be submitted to brand managers in a timely manner, changing the form of monthly or quarterly sales reports submitted in the past, so that the data is accurate and timely, and it is convenient for managers to make market decisions.

  3. What problems does the anti-smuggling development system solve for the enterprise?

  1. Prevent price disorder, plan price system

   At different levels, the purchase price of agents is different, and the fleeing of goods will cause confusion in the price system and harm the interests of other agents. Through the anti-smuggling development system, the prices of agents at all levels are managed uniformly, and the market system is standardized.

  2. Maintain reasonable profits of agents at all levels and prevent agents from losses

   Agents fleeing goods and disorderly prices severely hit the agents’ trust in branded products, leading to the continuous loss of capable agents. Through the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system, the behavior of agents is uniformly managed, the distributors are selected for reward, and agents are retained through low cost and zero manpower.

  3, unified management of agent performance

   Agents at all levels unify the Penguin code back-end management, automatically settle the agent’s purchase volume, performance and other data, and based on these data, give the agent dividend rewards and encourage the agent to purchase and sell.

  4, anti-counterfeiting and anti-fleeing goods are both correct

   Fleeing goods and fake goods are likely to erode the brand and reduce consumers’ awareness of the brand. The anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system can prevent counterfeiting externally and prohibit illegal merchants from mass counterfeiting; internally, it can prevent agents from channeling goods, maintain the reliability of the brand, protect the interests of consumers, and seek sustainable development for the enterprise.

   Through the construction of a one-item one-code anti-sweeping system, each product is individually coded, and the coded data is integrated with the packaging, which improves the anti-destructiveness of information and data and avoids malicious damage by dealers. Shippers can scan the associated distribution information in the distribution and delivery link to grasp the inventory and distribution process information of the goods. In the face of the market's low-price and disorderly price distribution and fleeing goods, the inspectors can quickly check the product distribution and delivery information with WeChat scan code, so that the fleeing goods have nowhere to hide.

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