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What kind of anti-counterfeiting label is standard

by:LG Printing     2021-08-25
For companies that make anti-counterfeiting labels for the first time, they often want to know how the standard anti-counterfeiting labels are made? This is because of the special nature of the production of anti-counterfeiting labels. In order to achieve the effect of product anti-counterfeiting, the anti-counterfeiting labels are all customized. Depends on the needs. That is to say, the company first finds a formal anti-counterfeiting company, puts forward the requirements, and then the anti-counterfeiting company and the company communicate fully, and then customize the anti-counterfeiting solution. Generally speaking, from the perspective of enterprises, there are mainly the following standards for making anti-counterfeiting labels.

1. Simple and easy to identify: Anti-counterfeiting is mainly for consumers to avoid being deceived by counterfeit products. Anti-counterfeiting labels allow consumers and managers to distinguish the authenticity of products without the use of equipment or additional costs.

2. Difficult to imitate: Anti-counterfeiting technology should have characteristics such as technical thresholds and equipment thresholds that are difficult to copy and imitate, making counterfeit and inferior counterfeiters unable to bear it, thereby achieving an anti-counterfeiting effect.

3. Low cost: Anti-counterfeiting can personally recommend anti-counterfeiting solutions suitable for pre-sales anti-counterfeiting and after-sales anti-counterfeiting according to the needs of enterprises and product characteristics, helping enterprises to save costs.

4. Personalized anti-counterfeiting labels: The logo design is the visual highlight of the packaging. While prompting 'anti-counterfeiting, And realize brand communication. The customization of anti-counterfeiting labels can only be considered successful if the following functions are achieved. Anti-counterfeiting is a preventive technology adopted by companies to protect corporate brands, protect the market, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers under the current situation of lack of social integrity, counterfeit and inferior products disrupting normal business operations and harming the interests of enterprises and consumers. measure. While enterprises make full use of the selected anti-counterfeiting technology to combat counterfeit and inferior products, rectify and regulate the market, it is a way for modern enterprises to increase the image of the enterprise and its products and show that the enterprise is responsible to consumers and society.

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