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What is the WeChat anti-counterfeiting label query system like?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-15
WeChat is a standard feature in today's society. No one is the standard configuration in mobile phones. You are good, you don't need it. Try it? And now the WeChat official account is very popular, and the WeChat official account can only be applied for by enterprises with real names. The new anti-counterfeiting label technology of Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is also developed based on WeChat. Let’s take a look at the WeChat anti-counterfeiting label query system today. With the rise of the WeChat business model, many companies will encounter the problem of counterfeiting and inferior products. Therefore, companies are cracking down on fakes. The product has become a necessary measure and it is also a headache topic. In fact, Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting Company can solve this problem through WeChat anti-counterfeiting labels.

   1. Prerequisites for WeChat anti-counterfeiting labels: Companies must apply for a corporate WeChat official account, so how to apply?

  1. To query the WeChat public platform on the web, select the WeChat public platform with the word official website; click to enter, the URL: https://mp.weixin.qq.com.

  2, find and click after entering; register now.

  3. Select the type of account you want to register, and click to enter (service account is recommended).

  4. Fill in the information and click; Register.

   5. Select the registration area and click; OK.

   6. Select the type of account you want to register, then click; select and continue.

  7. Click; OK.

   8. After selecting the account subject type, fill in the subject information registration form.

  9. After filling in, click; continue.

   10. Fill in the account name and function introduction at the back, select the operating area, click; OK, and you have completed the registration.

  11. The company recommends enabling the audit and certification function. The WeChat fee is 300 yuan per year, which is not expensive, but it is necessary.

   2. The WeChat anti-counterfeiting label query system is to export the QR code picture of the company’s WeChat official account and add it to the design picture of the anti-counterfeiting label. After the label is printed, consumers can scan the code through WeChat. Paying attention to the official account can also scan the code to check the authenticity of the product. How does the anti-counterfeiting system realize this function?

  1. Analyze the corporate WeChat official account into a URL format.

  2. The format of the QR code URL generated from the anti-counterfeiting data.

   3. Combine the WeChat official account URL and the anti-counterfeiting data into a new password data and store it in the database.

  4. Develop the code scanning function on WeChat and complete the test.

   5. The WeChat anti-counterfeiting query system receives the scan code data, performs data verification, and then feeds back the result.

   6. Return the result of the query to WeChat, and that’s it.

   Three, WeChat anti-counterfeiting labels have many advantages, such as:

   1. Combat the appearance of counterfeit products

  2. Increase product selling points and achieve marketing promotion through WeChat red envelopes and reward points.

  3. Increase the number of WeChat fans.

  4. The query is simple and convenient, and the interface is friendly.

   The technology of the WeChat anti-counterfeiting label query system is more complicated. It is necessary to develop the QR code anti-counterfeiting system and the WeChat scan code function. The general small anti-counterfeiting company can't do it well, and it is more difficult for printing factories to do this. This technology has a complete system and serves customers in many industries. Your consultation is welcome.

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