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What is the value of e-cigarette anti-counterfeiting labels and anti-smuggling systems?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-06
The promulgation of the smoking ban has created opportunities for the e-cigarette industry. Because smoking is prohibited in public places, many smokers have to use e-cigarettes. However, because local agents are driven by discounts and preferential benefits, they often sell e-cigarettes across regional markets, leading to price confusion, causing other agents to lose confidence in the products and customers to lose trust in well-known brands. In order to solve the problem of regional agent fleeing goods, we developed an electronic cigarette anti-fleeing system software. How does the system software solve it? Below we will elaborate on the development of the electronic cigarette anti-fleeing system software

   The electronic cigarette anti-sweeping system software is coded according to the product production line category, two types of packaging, three types of packaging and other types of packaging, and there is a matching relationship with the multi-level packaging. Send this statistical information to the web server on the production line.

   2. What is the role of the development of an electronic cigarette anti-smuggling system?

  1. Development of an electronic cigarette anti-smuggling system, each product matches a login password, and each product has; the identity code cannot be copied, which increases the cost of counterfeiting and can effectively inhibit counterfeiting.

  2. Electronic cigarette anti-sweeping system development, regional agency, agent production fleeing goods, manufacturers can find out who the fleeing goods are in time, and can show direct evidence.

  3. Development of electronic cigarette anti-smuggling system. Each product is equipped with a freight logistics code, and manufacturers can track the process from delivery to market sales.

  4. Instantly inquire about the different ways of unpacking the goods, and distinguish the quality of the regional agency.

  5. The gift was intercepted and contaminated by automatic warning messages, and then pushed to the mobile phone.

  6. Electronic cigarette product system development and management agency multi-level statistical method field, commodity circulation commodity display basic statistical method, all unpacking area agency relationship statistical data and methods eliminate manual service record data complexity, and ensure data accuracy .

  3. What is the effect of the development of the electronic cigarette anti-channeling system?

  1, e-cigarette product system development, to avoid WeChat business agent franchisees' sales participation in cross-regions, accurately reflect that the salesperson belongs to regional sales, and ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the KPI performance evaluation, except for the accurate market sales statistics after the information The point-of-sale software is applied to the cross-regional prevention system of electronic cigarettes, which simplifies the current point-of-sale data collection and workload, and improves work efficiency.

  2. The development of an electronic cigarette anti-sweeping system, based on accurate network monitoring of inbound and outbound commodity information, strengthens the control of anti-sweeping cargo control of cross-regional market sales by micro-business agents, maintains market prices and supervision, and maintains many The rights and interests of agents maintain the concept of sustainable development of the sales market.

  3. The development of the electronic cigarette anti-sweeping system can maintain the anti-counterfeiting label information and logistics details of the anti-counterfeiting label and anti-sweeping information tracking of electronic cigarette products from manufacturing to warehousing logistics, from warehousing logistics to various agents. According to the one-item one-code management method, the automatic collection of statistical data and other front-line tasks, such as manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, and maintenance, combined with the high rate of current application of the regional agent enterprise order management system, to improve the collection efficiency and statistical data of commodity information accuracy.

  4. Electronic cigarette anti-sweeping system development, reasonable supervision of strayed goods, stable profit of terminal equipment, direct supply area authorized to send agents equipped with scanners, and record daily sales and other information to avoid strayed goods.

  The agent provides the finished product, the scanner on the outer packaging box of the product, even if the agent information is sent to the web server together, it can also be the terminal device according to the method of the mobile phone sales market law enforcement officer's two machinery, equipment or network server URL Products sold on the market are subject to cross-regional preventive supervision. The results of the supervision will display the address of the product distributor whose information matches to distinguish whether the product is sold. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, please call: 400-998-0111.


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