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What is the transregional tag?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-06
Channeling goods refers to the dealers in the sales process is not in accordance with the provisions of market area sales product, but the product sales to other market area, affected dealers, lead to the market price confusion and atrophy. Joint between dealers or cheating diddle marketing expenses. As a result, it harm the interests of enterprises, need to be effectively controlled. It can be identified quickly.

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a. Prevent the transregional set target anti-counterfeiting < br / >
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1. Channeling prevention system < br / >
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combined with modern management thinking, application of automatic identification technology, network and communication technology, the software and hardware integration technology, production, circulation and consumption of goods information for data collection, identification, classification and distribution, with the means of data and information channels for pharmaceutical production, circulation and consumption for effective management, promote the trust of the infiltration, retain customers and products, to provide decision support for commodity enterprises. Of label the transregional < br / >
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single product anti-counterfeiting code, box label and logistics and logistics code code and printed in advance logistics anti-fake collection label corresponding, collecting device for box or a single product delivery unit collects and binding to the sales area.

  3. Coated paper stickers < br / >
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can be combined with regular physical effect, special holographic hot stamping, temperature change, water droplets disappear, such as physical anti-counterfeiting technology, also support the convex, flat, concave, Kong Yin, hot stamping, improve the effect of printing. Suitable for anti-counterfeiting and logistics anti channeling goods collection.

  4. The advantages of it < br / >
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1. It is on the basis of anti-counterfeiting query, add a query with anti-counterfeiting mark logistics code label, anti-counterfeiting mark for goods company can know the market very well, at the same time analysis the market to provide data support, security, etc. Transregional proof of label set anti-counterfeit marking is a combination of logistics code and security code, it can let consumer queries with company security products, trends in the logistics of the goods, good query the location of the goods. General company specialized provide anti-counterfeiting code query logistics channels, can enter the goods have entered the mall channels, can very good watch. Around it can be well applied in the store, and can be calculated for each subordinate dealer sales.

  3. Anti-counterfeiting labels can also ensure the characteristics of each type of product, make the fake and shoddy goods don't need to hide in the anti-counterfeiting query, make consumer trust brave to buy goods with anti-counterfeiting labels.

  4. Greatly increased the amount of product marketing. To improve performance; Promote products, enhance brand awareness. The advantage of this system is: custom solutions, flexible code allocation, system a high degree of automation, automatic warning, enterprise audit; A variety of combination, difficult to tamper with, high reliability; Added value: warehouse management, dealers shop management, data acquisition, anti-counterfeiting, traceability and marketization, etc. ; Integration; The concept of Internet +, help enterprises to realize all aspects of access to the Internet; Support for multiple input equipment, including WeChat, smartphone, etc.

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