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What is the relationship between security labels and security system?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-26
What is a lot of people are very doubt, anti-counterfeit label' target='_blank'>labels, anti-counterfeiting system? What security labels and security system exactly what is the relationship? A lot of people don't understand. You know, security is not just physical security so simple, now carries an anti-counterfeit label for the anti-counterfeiting also is not so simple. The difference between the anti-counterfeit labels and anti-counterfeiting system < br />
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1. Security system is a system, security label is a tool < br />
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anti-counterfeiting labels is a system, it is by the anti-counterfeit labels, security systems, counterfeiting, security propaganda by various means such as comprehensive. A few mutual coordination, complement each other, seek common ground while shelving differences. The function of anti-counterfeiting label is fake defense and packaging integration. If only equate anti-counterfeiting labels with anti-counterfeiting, will lack many anti-counterfeiting means, such as false move. Only a few people, the flow effect of anti-counterfeiting. Now a lot of security companies is one of the traditional printing company, they have some anti-counterfeiting technology and anti-counterfeiting materials, but the lack of security theory, security systems and solutions. The security company in providing security products to the enterprise customers mainly carries an anti-counterfeit label for the promotion.

  2. Security is the goal, security label is means < br />
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in order to prevent counterfeiting, is the purpose of anti-counterfeiting carries an anti-counterfeit label for the enterprise to use it to prevent counterfeit. So, if the implementation enterprise security can also use other methods, such as anti-counterfeiting packaging, made on the packaging or to use other anti-counterfeiting materials, laser effect for counterfeiters to generic packaging anti-counterfeiting effect be achieved. So there are a lot of forgery prevention way, anti-counterfeiting labels is one of the way. Now a lot of security companies in promoting security, has formed a fixed idea, think that security is a security label.

  3. Security system is the process of security label is carrier < br />
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anti-counterfeiting is not fixed, it is a dynamic system of keeping the pace with The Times. With the progress of technology not only security in progress, fraud means also in progress. As a result, many security company's security label since has lasted more than a decade ago, has long been counterfeiters touch cooked through, counterfeiters easily can be copied out counterfeit goods. So, security is a long-term process of development, need with the development of The Times and technology and development, need to keep advantage of fraud. The anti-counterfeiting labels as part of the anti-counterfeiting, is not only the carrier of anti-counterfeiting technology, it can carry anti-counterfeiting materials, security technology and security system. So, security cannot be equated with security tags. For companies: < br />
< br />
1. Once the product marketing, no one can ensure that their products are not fake, anti-counterfeiting company also needs to improve the threshold of fraud, only by constantly encryption anti-counterfeiting technology, application of anti-counterfeiting system upgrade, your product can not be copied to forge.

  2. And anti-counterfeiting labels is combined with anti-counterfeiting system, realize the meaning of it. You can see carries an anti-counterfeit label for the qr code is enterprise applications; One thing a yard security management system.

  3. Will produce the security of encryption security code of a label, posted on the product packaging or box, at the same time can add physical anti-counterfeiting technology, and application engineering of anti-counterfeit labels, also we need to further understand the anti-counterfeit label manufacturers. Completes the anti-fake products, not only can improve the credibility of the brand, also can live up to vast consumers. < br />
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anti-counterfeit label for the product, not only is a tool for a security, prevent fraud, at the same time, it also won the strong guarantee for the rights and interests of consumers. When consumers buy things, to identify its anti-counterfeiting labels to prevent oneself buy fake and inferior products, also can let the consumer more at ease, rest assured. With anti-counterfeiting label products, make the product look more better, are more likely to win the trust of consumers. Can also through this, to reflect the company's sense of responsibility and attitude. Though only a small label, but on behalf of the company, the sense of responsibility for consumers.

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