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What is the reason for dealers to prevent cross-sending?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-04
If your business is a chain enterprise or a large enterprise, your brand is a chain brand or your agent, and franchisees are located in various cities across the country, how can you effectively manage your agent and distributor channels? How do you assure your customers that your products will not be sold at excessive prices? The Penguin code anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling system gives each product a unique anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling code, and the agent delivery scans. Enterprises can monitor the flow of goods throughout the process to prevent agent receipt or cross-regional channeling. Some dealers disregard the interests of manufacturers and pursue their own interests, which brings risks to the enterprise. If the diversion of goods causes market chaos, the influence of cross-regional diversion of goods on the market is very low and meets personal performance standards, but the harm of diversion of goods to the brand is immeasurable.

  一. Reasons for dealers to prevent channeling goods:

  1. Regional price differences: brands pay different attention to market development. They have invested heavily in core key markets. This region may be a policy of low profits, high sales, and low product prices.

   2. To seize the core market: A’s agents are adjacent to B’s mature regions, and their merchandise sales are fast and profitable, which seriously affects the urgency and core interests of A’s agents, and seriously affects A’s brand. A common commodity trading behavior.

  3. Channel marketing: When the market area in Zone A is saturated, the agents in Zone A will sell goods at low prices to the surrounding immature/unsaturated areas. In the long run, if the agents in Area B run out of resources today and become discouraged tomorrow, they will lose their core interests.

  4. Achieving performance goals: In order to complete the tasks assigned by the headquarters, some dealers will load cars in proportion, sprint to complete the tasks, and then receive rebates or rewards from the manufacturers. Then, they will deliver the goods in bulk at low prices to major market areas, causing great harm to other agents and damaging the brand reputation.

   Two. Advantages of one thing, one anti-channeling system:

  1. Unified command management of one thing, one anti-channeling system

   Immediately realize the system management of sales work, and improve its dealer management system. Realize unified management of all levels of agents, commodity prices, orders, and internal process control systems.

  2. Dealer hierarchical management

   On the one hand, an anti-counterfeiting code of an anti-channel system can realize differentiated management of dealers. For example, there are different policies and price systems for agents at the provincial, prefectural, and county levels. Selected distributors: agents from all over the country can apply online, hand over all the information to the company, and then perform unified screening in the Penguin code reverse channelization system, and core development

  3. Classification management of commodity information and prices

  Commodity information unified management: All product information pictures, parameters, functions and other information are set in the system, which is clear at a glance; dealers of different levels have different prices. After distributors at all levels log in to the Penguin code anti-channeling system, they can see the purchase price and return point of the goods at that level, and achieve hierarchical management.

  4. Simplify order processing

   process control, decentralized management; integrated customer service system rebates and other information to achieve hierarchical management.

   The system can track and monitor the entire process of commodity entry, including the entire process of procurement, production, transportation and logistics, dealer management, and sales management. how? Using labels as the carrier, combining anti-counterfeiting labels and anti-counterfeiting system software, one-to-one information monitoring and recording of one item, one code and identification code, accurately control each product, and accurately track the flow of each product and the purchase and distribution of agents Goods behavior.

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