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What is the process of anti-counterfeiting labels in supermarkets?

by:LG Printing     2021-08-24

In recent years, with the development of information technology, many simple information-generating snack label anti-counterfeiting software have appeared on the market. Even non-professionals can create barcodes, QR codes, etc. through barcode generators. This is undoubtedly The uniqueness of the anti-counterfeiting traceability and anti-counterfeiting of the snack label is destroyed. For this reason, snack anti-counterfeiting labels that combine the traceability and anti-counterfeiting of snack labels with one or two kinds of intuitive but not easy to imitate first-line or second-line anti-counterfeiting technologies have gradually appeared on the market.

The so-called snack traceability anti-counterfeiting is to record, store and read the information and process of the product through the database, so as to trace the source of the snacks, control the snacks, and verify the authenticity of the snacks Sexual function. The most commonly used snacks traceability and anti-counterfeiting include barcodes, electronic codes, and the more popular QR codes and RFID in recent years. Among them, snack labels for code query have been widely used in various snack packaging. A snack anti-counterfeiting label that combines a two-dimensional code with a color line pattern, scans the two-dimensional code to read product information, uses a camera to photograph the color line pattern in the label, and uploads the photo to the back-end database for comparison with the relevant parameters in the database Can check the authenticity of the goods.

At present, this kind of snack anti-counterfeiting label has been successfully applied in snacks and other snack packaging. The anti-counterfeiting label of nano moisture-sensitive snacks made by the combination of code query and nano moisture-sensitive technology. The nano humidity-sensitive material will produce some wonderful changes when it meets with water, that is, it can make the invisible content printed on the nano-humidity-sensitive material appear. After the water dries, the nano-humidity-sensitive material will return to its original state. At present, this kind of snack anti-counterfeiting label has been successfully applied in a variety of snack products; although the cost of customized snack paper is high, you can design special paper colors, core layers and colored fibers in the paper by yourself. These alternative features are Can play a very good anti-counterfeiting effect.

The special embossing process of the snack custom paper makes the imitation more difficult. Because the pattern must be generated through special software, and this type of software can be purchased through few channels and is usually subject to strict control. Therefore, in addition to the company that specializes in anti-counterfeiting or security printing, there are few other individuals or companies that are eligible to use it. application. In addition to uniqueness, this pattern also has anti-scanning features. The snack anti-counterfeiting package made of lenticular material has a very high anti-counterfeiting function. The past lenticular material is relatively thin, and its stiffness is still not enough to bear the weight of the package contents.

With the maturity of plastic manufacturing technology, 3D grating materials have been greatly improved in terms of stiffness, folding resistance, and formability, making it It can meet the demand for anti-counterfeiting packaging of snacks with a certain weight of content. The snack packaging made of 3D lenticular material has excellent transparency. Consumers can still see the contents of the snack package intuitively despite the printed pattern on the surface. In addition, the 3D lenticular material itself has a strong decorative and three-dimensional surface. The dynamic pattern design greatly increases the modernity and fashion sense of snacks.

For the well-known anti-counterfeiting brands in the market, the most important thing that the snack anti-counterfeiting label can achieve is the snack anti-counterfeiting verification function. This is also one of their most concerned areas. If the brand reaches a certain level, there will definitely be fakes. How to effectively tell consumers how to verify the authenticity and how to quickly distinguish the authenticity, so that the corporate brand can also maintain its own reputation and enhance the credibility and value of the brand.

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