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What is the original title: Uncovering the anti-counterfeiting label: What are the advantages of anti-counterfeiting technology?

by:LG Printing     2020-02-07
Nowadays, the uncovered 315 anti-counterfeiting label is a kind of digital anti-counterfeiting label. On the basis of the secondary layer of the paper mark, the 16-digit or 20-digit anti-counterfeiting digital is printed, and then the printed paper is covered with special ink. The logo is divided into three parts: surface layer, secondary isolation layer and bottom layer. The surface layer is a printing layer, which can print characters and patterns; The secondary layer is a transparent or colored isolation layer printed with an anti-counterfeiting identity code; The bottom layer is release paper for anti-sticking. Once this kind of label is uncovered, it is destroyed and cannot be used again. The National 315 product anti-counterfeiting inquiry center, on the surface of the uncovered anti-counterfeiting label, can print information such as enterprise name, product Logo, product authenticity inquiry method, etc. There is no anti-counterfeiting password on the label surface, before consumers conduct anti-counterfeiting inquiries, they need to uncover the surface of the 315 anti-counterfeiting label, and the part of the glue that sticks to the product packaging has the corresponding password. Uncovering the anti-counterfeit label Technology 1. The surface material can be selected for double coated paper, OPP, PE, PET, PO, etc. according to the actual needs of the printing method and the external surface of the sticker, the substrate can be made into white, matte silver, silver or other colors, and can also be made into colorful effects; 2. When the label is torn off from the outer surface of the adhesive, the text or picture preset by the substrate is separated from the substrate and kept intact on the outer surface of the adhesive, the torn substrate and font cannot be recovered; 3. The preset font in the substrate can be text, picture, but also other special edition text or picture specified by the customer. The selection of special pictures greatly enhances the anti-counterfeiting effect and improves the corporate image. Advantages of uncovering anti-counterfeiting labels 1. Uncovering 315 anti-counterfeiting labels have the characteristics of one uncovering and loss, and the labels are difficult to be transferred and utilized. 2. Uncovering the anti-counterfeiting code of the bottom 315 anti-counterfeiting label is unique. Once inquired, it will immediately become invalid to avoid large-scale fraud. The first step is to provide enterprise qualifications, such as company business license, tax registration certificate, trademark registration certificate, production license and other copies with official seal. Step 2: provide the brand's trademark pattern and company name. According to the customer's anti-counterfeiting technical requirements for anti-counterfeiting labels and the product packaging situation, the anti-counterfeiting company designs a variety of anti-counterfeiting labels that satisfy the company for customers to choose. The anti-counterfeiting label selected and designed by the customer shall be signed to confirm the design draft. Step 3: Sign a 315 anti-counterfeiting agreement. The Enterprise and the anti-counterfeiting company sign the anti-counterfeiting label production entrustment agreement and the network access contract, and the network access contract lists the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Signing an anti-counterfeiting agreement requires the signature of both parties and the official seal. The uncovering anti-counterfeiting label sticks the 315 anti-counterfeiting seal label to the seal of the object to avoid unauthorized documents, mails, and parcels being opened or stolen, and used to identify the phenomenon of unauthorized or illegal opening of the sealed object; Suitable for all kinds of product packaging flat stickers, prize sales, etc. The characteristic of the digital lifting mark is to prevent the 315 anti-counterfeiting label from being transferred and reused, later, it was also widely used in liquor/auto parts, medicine, light industry, electricity, logistics, aviation, express delivery, documents, letters, warehousing and other fields. 315 anti-counterfeiting is committed to the production, production and printing of uncovering anti-counterfeiting labels. Tell your needs and we will give you a satisfactory reply as soon as possible. Responsible editor:
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