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What is the difference between barcode and anti-counterfeiting code?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-10
Now the anti-counterfeiting code labels also have very similar characteristics. The important thing is that they all have an anti-counterfeiting effect. Customers who are not customizing may not know their differences very well. Take anti-counterfeiting codes and barcodes for example, although they are both functions and anti-counterfeiting work, they also have many differences. The following editor will introduce the difference and connection between barcode and anti-counterfeiting code for Dajia.

  一. Difference

  1. The anti-counterfeiting code is different from the barcode. The anti-counterfeiting code includes not only the product information but also the anti-counterfeiting information. The anti-counterfeiting code is usually printed on the anti-counterfeiting label with a concealed password. Consumers are buying After arriving at the product, scratch off the coating to obtain a string of numbers, namely the anti-counterfeiting code. You can know whether the product is fake or not according to the phone, text message or website query on the label. Each manufactured anti-counterfeiting code can only be used once, only for one product instead of one type of product.

  2. The barcode is only used to carry product information. The cashier scans the bar code at the time of checkout in the store to know the quotation of the product. It can mark many information such as the country of production, manufacturer, product name, type, date, etc., and products with different standards, different packaging, different types, different quotations, and different colors can only use different products. Code. Therefore, each commodity item can only have one code, and the commodity item corresponds to the barcode one by one. Bar codes are not the same as manufacturing anti-counterfeiting codes.

  3. Barcode values u200bu200bare practical and economical automatic identification technology. The coding of commodity barcodes follows the principle of uniqueness to ensure that commodity barcodes are not repeated worldwide, that is, a commodity item can only have one code, or a code can only identify one commodity item.

  4. Products with different specifications, different packaging, different varieties, different prices, and different colors can only use different product codes. There are many internationally popular barcode encoding methods. Common product barcodes are EAN general products. Commodity barcodes are also known as general commodity barcodes. They are formulated by the International Article Numbering Association and are commonly used all over the world. It is currently a widely used commodity barcode internationally. This kind of commodity barcode is also used in our country. EAN product barcodes are divided into two types: standard version and shortened version.

   5. The shape and material of the anti-counterfeiting labels are different. The anti-counterfeiting labels with coated anti-counterfeiting codes mentioned repeatedly above are only one of the total types. There are other types of anti-counterfeiting labels. The purpose of anti-counterfeiting can be achieved through the use of selected materials, some special textures, color designs and labels made with high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology.

   6. When making anti-counterfeiting labels, pay attention to the material and the technology used. If the company fails to meet these technical requirements, it will cooperate with professional anti-counterfeiting companies and let others make them. If you have this technology, you can use barcode label printing software to make anti-counterfeiting labels. Of course, you must first design the label template in the barcode printing software. This has higher requirements for barcode software. What is needed is to support color printing. Color is a major feature of anti-counterfeiting labels.

  Barcodes are usually product identifications. Each type of product is a unified barcode. You can see the anti-counterfeiting code made into a barcode in the store. Commodity identification barcodes require recognition software. Its barcodes are fixed, specified by commodity circulation, and cannot be changed. Anti-counterfeiting barcodes use software to make anti-counterfeiting codes into a barcode format.

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