We are engaged in custom hologram sticker printing, security stamping label and packing label printing nearly 20 years.

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What is the current state of Hologram Sticker Manufacturers



Top companies in the world used different holographic security stickers on their products. This is to enhance the authenticity of their products and security to avoid counterfeiting or replication. The holographic stickers produced at Guangzhou LG printing technologies cannot be copied by the use of any holographic method and are completely tamper-proof.

Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co deals with the production of holographic security sticker products. It's one of the top companies in the world that manufactures hologram stickers. The company is committed to ensuring that your products are secure and free from counterfeits and privacy. We are committed to meeting our clients' needs at all costs. As such, we value technology to guide us through ensuring your needs are met satisfactorily. We deal with hologram stickers universally, and we are a master at using the latest technology to meet the needs of our clients and ensuring the hologram stickers enhance maximum security.

 holographic security sticker

All hologram stickers manufactured by LG printing technology are personalized and of high security. The holographic security sticker products you buy from us will be resistant to counterfeits, and also have improved quality and presentation. The technology at LG printing technology enables us to produce bulk holographic security stickers; this has helped us to serve both corporate and personalized clients' demands. Offering quality products at economical prices is our primary goal. Call us today to get your free samples alternatives to go to our website and request a free sample.

The type of holographic security sticker products produced in our company has the following attributes:

They can't be reproduced using a photocopier

They cannot be scanned using a computer

They enhance the general appeal of the package

They improve customer brand awareness

They provide quick optical authentication

 holographic security stickers

Hologram stickers

3D hologram stickers refer to three-dimension images appearing to have a deep depth; they are the superimposition of 2D surfaces, which focuses on precision, 3D images of reals objects, and pictures. When a 3D hologram is passed through light, it gives images from different angles. Our 3D holograms are printed on thin silver plates made uniquely to diffract light. When light hits the silver plate on the 3D hologram, the reflection diffracts into different colors, each producing a given color. This leads to the formation of two different offset images that are composed of a combination of colors that reflect the images of the original object. It is the 3D image that is formed that is referred to as a hologram. A hologram is formed from interference patterns of two images. Guangzhou LG printing technologies offer different hologram stickers in different colors, images, and sizes. We manufacture them based on the taste, needs, and preferences of our customers. Our professional team ensures the hologram stickers are made in compliance with industry standards and raw materials of superior quality.

We offer the following types of hologram stickers: 3D printing hologram stickers, various color hologram stickers with numbering, different color hologram stickers with numbering, and finally, QR code hologram sticker.

 3D printing hologram stickers

Why trust Guangzhou LG printing technologies

The kind of holographic security stickers created by us has a unique effect that is entirely different from any other company. We specialize in both commercial and personalized holographic security stickers.

We are certified by various entities like printing corporations and regulators, among others. Some of the certificates we have include EMTEK international quality systems certificate, patent certificates, different production, and technology certification. All these are a sign of our commitment to quality and maximum security guaranteed by us. Visit our website to find out more about us and how we can satisfactorily meet your needs.

Before you purchase our stickers, we offer you free samples that you can order from our website so that you aware of the product before the bulk purchases are made. We also allow our customers to design their hologram stickers then send it to us for printing and a few adjustments.

Since 2015 we have supplied our holographic products in large companies, business enterprises, and even personalized designs. We also specialize in small bunches of holographic security sticker products. We have a professional team with vast experience ready to offer professional and advice on the existing printing options and give you the appropriate feedback regarding deliveries, security sticker's sizes, and unique materials and designs. Our professional team is dedicated to meeting the tailored needs of your company, supporting the implementation process to the final production stage.

Key competencies

Brand and product piracy causes a lot of financial damages to companies and leads to extensive losses and job displacements. This affects the entire economy. At Guangzhou LG printing technologies, we fully understand this, and we have implemented various innovative concepts, individual protection plans to offer the last buffer to your problems. We are also meeting these challenges through measures we have taken to prevent your products from being tapped by grey market dealers and other counterfeiting activities. Using state of the art technological facilities, we specialize in designing and developing our products uniquely than any other competitor.

When ensuring our client's products are free piracy and counterfeit we are focussed on meeting the following objectives and goals

Developing of Effective measures against grey market activities and counterfeiting

Clear differentiation between originals and counterfeits

Optimum grey-proof track & trace technologies

Security concepts tailored to industry-specific needs

Maximum product and brand protection with state-of-the-art concepts

We guarantee our clients the following:

Warranty protection

The product label of our company shows that our holographic security products are original. Our labels are durable and made to withstand severe conditions. Any attempt to manipulate our labels is easily noticeable. This will guarantee your product safety at all times. Our warranty protection exists to minimize grey and black market activities. The purpose of our warranty is also to ensure anyone liable for counterfeiting our customers' products is responsible for any rising damages.

 3D printing hologram stickers


We provide consultation on the latest innovations, product protection, and customized holographic security sticker products. Our sticker products are perfectly tailored to meet your specifications and needs. Our customers are our greatest asset, and we ensure we meet your requirements adequately. In doing so, we guarantee we are always available to listen to your challenges, and in conjunction with your needs and desires, we come up with the best sticker that will ensure your products are free from counterfeit.

Smart and secure

Our holographic security sticker products ensure our clients' products are guaranteed maximum security and safety, free from counterfeit or copying. The technology levels in our stickers are always upgraded due to the constant market research and analysis done by our professional team. Our team's primary commitment is to be ahead of counterfeiters and activities of the black and grey market. You can always trust on our hologram stickers to easily conceal any evidence of tampering.

Quality assurance

We guarantee comprehensive protection to our client's products, and we ensure our stickers adhere to the highest qualities and services. Piracy and counterfeiting are highly unnoticeable, and so it's empirical that the security manufactured is legit and authentic. With over ten years' experience in the field of anti-piracy and counterfeit protection, we are committed to ensuring your products are secure from any gravy or black market activities. Our hologram stickers are dynamic to ensure no company matches us in terms of security.

Continual innovation

What makes our company unique compared to other companies is our unique culture of constant innovation. We understand that black and grey markets, counterfeiting activities evolve daily, and the only way to be ahead of counterfeiters is to have a culture of constant innovation by introducing new security measures within our hologram stickers all the time.

We ensure our holograms always tamper-evident to make it easy for you to identify any act of counterfeit or black market interference. Our hologram is ever made versatile and cost-effective; our hologram stickers have embedded security that is unique, attractable, and recognizable to your current and future brand.

Our clients love us because we ensure the level of security embedded in your stickers evolves as your company evolves to provide maximum security. Our stickers are used with international companies for numerous purposes, including packaging, brand protection, and security for pharmaceuticals.

We invite you as our esteemed client to help us secure your documents and products. Contact Guangzhou LG Printing Technology Co, and we will be available to discuss your needs in detail.

Our services

We offer a full range of holographic security sticker products for commercial and non-commercial uses. We also designed the products to meet your needs purposefully. We value you as our customer, and as such, we are committed to making your experience awesome every time tome you purchase products from us. We are equipped with state of the art facility to ensure we manufacture only original and authentic stickers that are unique compared to our competitors.


At Guangzhou LG printing technologies, we are the best in manufacturing hologram stickers. We are currently ranked among the leading suppliers and manufacturers of hologram stickers. Our hologram stickers are based on the desires and specifications of our customers. We ensure we guide our customers through the range of stickers available and also help them figure out which unique kind of stickers they want. We offer online interactive sessions with our clients to ensure the needs and specifications are exactly what is done. Our products are available globally to our customers at affordable rates. Our services are unique to ensure we provide you with the best experience and security. We dispatch samples to our clients to ensure that your desires and needs are met. We are flexible to ensure in case of any necessary changes, it is made before the actuals stickers are developed for your use.


The following are the holographic security sticker products developed by our company.

 3D printing hologram stickers

Hologram sticker

These are labels printed on holograms. They are available to boost the security of your products. These holograms are made in such a way that they are easily noticeable in the case of counterfeit or interference.

Our holograms are classified according to the level of security inscribed in them. Despite the classification, we offer quality hologram stickers. All the available stickers are above the standards compared to other products.

Our hologram stickers are also available for customization, depending on your needs and the level of security you would wish to be guaranteed.

Some of the holograms offered include flip flop hologram. Concealed images, among others, to view our full hologram stickers, kindly visit our website and see for yourself a fantastic array of hologram stickers.


Security hologram stamping label


At Guangzhou LG printing technologies, we are committed to rapid technological innovation that is focussed on making sure that the holographic security sticker products manufactured are of high quality and increase the level of security sophistication.

Our innovation has enabled us to develop a security hologram stamping label that incorporates adhesive labels and 3D hologram — this one of the latest innovations that will guarantee your product security at all costs. The combination enriches the diversity and sophistication of the label. The level of protection in Hologram stamping Label is greatly improved while ensuring the product is environmentally friendly and committed to security upgrades.

Feel free to visit our website to find out more about these products. Our professional team will be available at any time to ensure we enlighten you more about this product.

Adhesive label


This label is also known as a self-adhesive label. The material is made of materials that are back coated with adhesive. There is a wide range of adhesive labels in our stores, and to find out more about the classes of this product available, visit our website promptly for more guidelines.

Custom R&D service


Our company is committed to research and development to ensure that our clients' needs are met satisfactorily. Our research and development team is committed to promoting the brand, packaging, and tracking of your products. We help you develop a procedure to ensure your products are free counterfeit. Our research and development team is committed to providing that we research the market and ensuring that we are always ahead of the counterfeit. Our product is considered to be of high quality owing to the level of research and development conducted by our team. Through research and development, we ensure our technology is the best in terms of manufacturing holograms.


Purposes of our hologram stickers

 As our client, we are committed to ensuring our hologram stickers offer you the maximum security and experience while using them. Our hologram stickers are committed to a wide range of purposes the will ensure your needs are met. The purpose of our hologram sticker areas discussed.

hologram stickers 

Anti-tamper security


Our holograms are made in a manner that any evidence of tamper is easily noticeable. With the current levels of counterfeiting and black-market activities, we are committed to maximizing your security measures. This is to ensure counterfeiters have no place in stealing your products.

Our level of technology has enabled us to manufacture hologram stickers with the security level inscribed in them steps ahead of counterfeiters.


Brand enhancement


The majority of the top companies in the world, value the use and need for stickers. The companies are aware that hologram stickers are not just available for security but also exist to enhance their company brand. The inclusion of hologram to your products will help improve the perceived value of your products and services and the way the customers perceive your brand.




Hologram stickers sometimes signify authenticity and show the exact owner of the product in the market. Hologram stickers will identify your products, and sometimes it has not to be refaced since hologram stickers are less associated with the fraud. We design hologram stickers as a sign of brand identity. With our technology, we ensure that your hologram stickers have more than one role.


Brand protection:

The company brand is what uniquely identifies a company; it can also be referred to as the point of difference between a company and the other companies in the same industry. Brand translates to an increase in revenue and profitability hence the need for protection. A brand is what is usually targeted by counterfeiters. Hacking into your products and producing the same product through hackers will provide them will marketing ease.

Popular brands suffer from counterfeits, and that's why our hologram stickers exist to ensure your brand is safe and free from hackers. We create personalized hologram stickers according to your needs and designs. These holograms are unique to your brand hence making id tiresome for counterfeiters to replicate. We add special dyes referred to as tagged foils that can only be read and identified by special reads.

hologram stickers

Product packaging and promotion

The addition of a hologram sticker will enable your product to stand out amongst other products in a store. Hologram stickers usually are shinny hence can make your products appealing and attractive to the eye of customers. It makes your products stand out amongst the range of products. Their shiny nature makes them highly visible to customers. We manufacture hologram stickers that can be used on any type of packagings such as boxes, papers, polythene, and even bags.

hologram stickers

Considerations when making hologram stickers

We consider a series of requirements while manufacturing your stickers. At the center of everything is a state of the art technology that ensures your hologram stickers are uniquely performing compared to any other companies? The considerations are taken to ensure the level of security inscribed in your sticker is tamper-proof and cannot be copied at any means. We also ensure our hologram stickers are according to the needs and desires of our clients.


While focussing on the quality of the raw materials used to manufacture our holograms and the overall quality of our hologram stickers, we ensure our end products are effective and cost-efficient. This ensures counter tamper security is available to all companies and individuals who want to secure their products.

To meet your financial needs, we also ensure that our hologram stickers are designed in different classes. The classes each have a different level of security inscribed in them, and the level of security is the criteria for deciding the cost of each hologram sticker.

Shape size

The shape and size of hologram stickers determine the level of professionalism in the manufacture of the stickers, i.e., it's presumed that circular stickers provide more professionalism when used on collectibles. We design our stickers not only to meet professionalism but also to make them appealing and attractive to the eyes of the customers. This is one of the means for us to help our customers with product marketing and promotion.

Serial numbers

We have also focussed on an inscription of serial numbers within our hologram stickers. This is to ensure the unique identification of every product our clients produce. The use of serial numbers is majorly applicable to the authentication of certificates and permits.

Tamper evident

Our main focus during the manufacture of hologram stickers is to ensure our hologram stickers easily show any evidence of tamper or copying. Through the use of technology, we ensure our stickers are free counterfeit activities and copying. They are manufactured in a way to show evidence of tamper in case of any quickly.

Our goals visions and values

We are a motivated company that genuinely focused on accomplishing our overall organizational goals missions and long term objectives. Our main focus is the customer whom we consider our key asset. Our professional team is committed to working with our customer's hand in hand to ensure that your solutions are accomplished rapidly. Our level of achievement and growth is evidence of our commitments and passion for winning and ensuring we are always the best ahead of the best.

We are globally available to meet the needs and wants of clients and to provide them with services no company can offer them. We manufacture various products while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, quality, and standards, security, and innovation to ensure your security needs are well catered for. Our strengths are adverse research and development team and department committed to a culture of continuous innovation to maximize the overall needs of clients, state of the art technology and infrastructure committed to quality, excellence, and precision in terms of security, professional team. Our team of professionals has undertaken challenging tasks in security optimization and is always ready for any challenging tasks. Unlike any other company, our professional team is working 24/7 to ensure your solutions are provided at any time of the day, ethical practices. Our company has always committed itself to internal standards, best practices, and rules and regulations as set by the industry. Our commitment to ethics has always earned us certify cates and license of operation since we are also committed to other environmentally friendly practices and manufacturing.

 Hologram stickers

Key benefits for our stakeholders


We are committed to our stakeholders, and we ensure that the range of services we offer is satisfactory for our stakeholders. In the cause of our operations, we ensure our key stakeholders, most customers, will get the following benefits, amongst others.

Our operations and professional team provide in-depth and highest quality insights on potential and gaps segments or particular regions that are key for the growth of our company. This is to ensure our objectives of achieving full globalization are met, and we satisfy the demand of every market available. By doing this, we ensure our company is attractive to our investors.

Our security analytics team is committed to the market analysis to identify every form of counterfeit available and any possible form that may arise; the team is also engaged in identifying hot spot zones for such counterfeit behaviors. In response to such security inadequacies, we ensure we develop the nest hologram stickers to be ahead of counterfeiters.

We also ensure our customers enjoy their experience by ensuring your deliveries are made in time. We handle the logistics process ourselves to ensure no challenges arise in the course of transportation of your hologram stickers.

We are a company committed to the environment by making sure that our manufacturing activities and processes are environmentally friendly. We employ the most energy-conserving process while making sure the overall output of our processes is never harmful to the environment.

 Hologram stickers


At Guangzhou LG printing technologies, has a rich experience in the manufacture of hologram stickers. As one of the leading manufacturers of hologram stickers, we offer to customize security hologram stickers for your branding, product promotion, and packaging solutions. Our hologram stickers are available to match different types of needs and focus on maximizing the security of your products. We are committed to enhancing your experience and interactions with us. Remember, you are our key asset, and as such, we are committed to only offering you the best. Contact our professional team for security purposes. You can visit our website or log in to our portal to order for your hologram stickers. We are available to customize your needs to ensure your security features are unique compared to others.

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