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What is the calibration 'second small' during the anti-counterfeiting label printing process?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-02
Nowadays, more and more merchants use anti-counterfeiting labels. The function of anti-counterfeiting labels can not only solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling, but also help merchants in marketing. The printing volume of anti-counterfeiting labels is getting higher and higher, and it must be adjusted during the printing process; the second small, the so-called; the second small refers to the small amount of water and low pressure. Let's take a closer look at the calibration during the anti-counterfeiting label printing process; the second small

   adjust well; the second elementary school

  1, less water

   PS plate wet liquid has the functions of dampening, washing and purifying. Small water volume is based on the premise that the blank part of the printing surface is unstable (that is, the blank part is not sticky), so that the control water volume is as small as possible, and the water volume and ink volume are relatively stable.

  The amount of water (ie dampening fluid) is the size of the ink, the printing plate directly affects the ink and paper, and the printing plate and paper directly affect the printing quality. The ink consumption is small, the ink color is consistent before and after, the printing work is stable, and the ideal product can be printed.

  The excessive amount of wet liquid will affect ink and paper, followed by printing plates. The amount of wet liquid greatly destroys the balance of ink and water, accelerates the emulsification of the ink, the normal transfer of the ink, and even makes the layout, and the ink color of the pattern printing becomes thinner. The printing surface has too much water, the ink performance of the pattern part is abnormal, the printing surface image is dull, the color is not bright, the color tone and the color tone are poor, and the product performance is flat. Excessive amount of wet liquid will affect the printing performance of the paper and cause the paper to shed hair and powder. The water content of the paper brings about the expansion and contraction of the paper and affects the quality of the cover. In addition, if the moisture content of the paper is high, the paper becomes soft, the blotting paper does not dry, and the speed at which the ink layer of the footprint does not dry decreases, the phenomenon of dirt attached to the back of the paper.

   Pre-estimation of water consumption is more important than adjustment afterwards, and it is an important prerequisite for adjusting the water balance. Therefore, regarding the factors that affect the amount of dampening fluid used, it is necessary to make a more important understanding before determining the amount of water for the type of layout. In actual production, the amount of wet liquid used depends on the area distribution of the layout. The nature of the paper, the nature of the ink, the speed of the machine; the temperature and humidity of the environment, the flow of air.

  2, low pressure

  Printing pressure is an important condition for offset printing. Whether the pressure between the drums is ideal is the key to ensuring print quality. The pressure of the little finger can reduce the printing pressure of the drum, thereby ensuring a good transition of the ink (that is, ensuring that the printed matter is fully dyed, the network is full of colors, and the color tone is rich). Whether the pressure is small (that is, whether the ideal pressure is used) is one of the important indicators to measure the level of technology, and it is also an important condition to ensure good and high yield.

  Printing pressure has a great influence on product quality. The branch is easy to deform under pressure, the client version, the product is dark in ink, the image is distorted, etc.; if the pressure is too high, the board abrasion and drum abrasion will also accelerate.

   By changing the good printing pressure adjustment method, the standard gear meshing state, and the thickness of the liner, good printing adaptability can be achieved.

  During the printing process, the printing pressure adjustment method corresponds to the reduction in the thickness of the backing of the rubber Laura, the thickness of the backing of the printed Laura is increased, and the slight difference in the intermediate distance between the Laura is adjusted again. The pressure of rolling is adjusted.

   The above content is what we know about the calibration in the anti-counterfeiting label printing process; the second elementary school. Product companies can also express their own needs when choosing anti-counterfeiting labels, and anti-counterfeiting companies will also design according to customer needs and so on. Custom anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to consult: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting is at your service!

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