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What is product traceability? Is it necessary to develop code for the product traceability system?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-20
Product traceability is the combination of the current advanced Internet of Things technology, automatic control technology, automatic identification technology, and Internet technology. A single product is given a unique QR code as an anti-counterfeiting ID through professional machinery and equipment. Then, data can be collected and tracked for the production, warehousing, distribution, logistics and transportation, market inspection, sales terminal and other links of the product, which constitutes a full life cycle management of product production, warehousing, sales, circulation and service.

  一. How can it be traceable?

   1. Through wireless communication technology, bar code technology, RFID technology and manual assisted input, etc., reliable information about the production process of agricultural products (production, processing, testing, storage, transportation, and sales) can be fully recorded. Consumers can go through the inquiry machine and website , SMS or phone calls to obtain reliable information about the purchased products.

  2. Accelerate the construction of a quality traceability system for some products, ensure reliable product quality, and connect with the health of the people across the country, economic and industrial development, and social reconciliation and stability. Practices at home and abroad have now proved that promoting product quality traceability guidelines and building product quality traceability systems for some reliable and healthy products that contact the public is to perform quality supervision duties, ensure product quality anti-counterfeiting, and complete the entire process of supervision of products from source to market. Effective way.

  二. Why should it be traceable?

   1. In logistics management, traceability can track the location and situation of goods along the production and sales supply chain. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial production, such as cars, mobile phones, computers, and consumables.

  2. Some companies do product traceability, in essence, for product sales, to prove that their products are reliable together, so that consumers can be at ease and trust.

  3. Once the system is established, once a related accident occurs, supervisors can use the system to judge whether the company has negligent behavior. The company can also use the system to find out which link, which step has the problem, and who is responsible , To avoid the difficulties in handling accidents due to incomplete information, unknown responsibilities, etc., so that questions can be resolved more quickly.

  A product, in the past sales method, produced by the manufacturer, wholesaled to distributors (various agents, general agents), sold to consumers through layers of dealers, and when consumers buy such a product, the layers of dealers The profit must be paid by consumers! The product sales model has changed in recent years, but the essence has not changed. (For example, Taobao, Tmall, Pinduoduo, etc. are the majority of sales in the form of agents) If there is such a traceable commodity mall, the products in it are directly sold by the manufacturer, and consumers directly purchase the products from the manufacturer. There is no need to pay the profits of tiers of dealers. Reduce the cost of purchasing products for consumers.

   Anti-counterfeiting is a means to combat counterfeit and shoddy products, and it is also to protect your own real products from counterfeiting. Now in China, as long as they are circulated, they will be counterfeited. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting cannot solve the fundamental problem. The traceability system is a nodal record, which is more effective and allows consumers to see it more clearly. The realization of two-dimensional code product quality traceability not only improves product quality and anti-counterfeiting for corporate merchants, but also improves the credibility of corporate products for consumers. Contribute to the establishment of brand reputation among consumers. One is anti-counterfeiting, and the other is traceability. The two-dimensional code traceability system traces the origin to the origin of things. Product traceability is the trend of today's development, especially for products that are closely related to our lives, quality traceability has become the foundation.

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