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What is positioning hot anti-counterfeiting label?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-20
In the past two years, as various products are facing the problem of counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting has become a hot topic in many industries. Counterfeit products not only cause loss and health damage to consumers, but also damage the reputation of the company's products and cause serious economic losses. So far, there are many anti-counterfeiting companies in China. In terms of principles and methods, there are also a large number of strange soldiers. There are many well-designed and highly anti-counterfeit solutions. But the actual application effect is quite different. Why?

   First of all, we conceptually distinguish between anti-counterfeiting in the sense and anti-counterfeiting in the effective sense. We know that anti-counterfeiting is a comprehensive project. In terms of banknotes, there are usually more than a dozen methods to prevent counterfeiting. Relative commodity anti-counterfeiting is anti-counterfeiting in a sense, but its technical requirements and manufacturing costs cannot be borne by commodity anti-counterfeiting. In other words, there is no single anti-counterfeiting technology that can prevent counterfeiting itself. The significance of commodity anti-counterfeiting lies in increasing the difficulty and cost of counterfeiting, pursuing the highest possible effectiveness and satisfying the consumption characteristics of commodities.

   1. Anti-counterfeiting label positioning and hot stamping features:

   1. It is intuitive and can be recognized without any tools. As a special consumer product, consumers’ familiarity with packaging enables them to have a strong ability to distinguish authenticity before purchasing.

  2. Effectively control the scale and quality of fraud. The positioning and stamping accuracy requirements are high, and automatic high-speed positioning and stamping machines are required for production. Out of cost and risk considerations, counterfeiters generally do not purchase upper-end equipment, but use small-scale manual equipment for counterfeiting. The quality and error of hot stamping are large, which greatly reduces the speed of forgery.

  2. The conditions for positioning the anti-counterfeiting label are as follows:

   has the basic conditions for effective anti-counterfeiting, but anti-counterfeiting, as a special industry, is basically in a state of disorderly development due to the lack of government supervision. This makes users have to face the embarrassing situation that positioning hot stamping may still be imitated and counterfeited.

  三. Positioning hot technical features:

   1. The equipment has high precision and strict quality control in each process. To this end, a complete set of advanced equipment has been introduced from abroad, and strict quality control and testing have been carried out on each process.

  2. After a large number of molding tests, we have reached detailed test data. Based on the analysis and comparison of various data, we will finally determine the ideal method for wide calendering to achieve positioning and hot stamping accuracy and stable mass production. .

  3. Test the shrinkage rate of special materials under various working conditions. The working conditions here include the pressure, temperature, winding tension, speed and other process conditions of the production equipment, from which the process parameters are determined. Then, under the premise of ensuring the process parameters, a large number of production tests are carried out on the special materials to determine the stable shrinkage rate of the special materials.

  3. Through the production test and follow-up test of various forming tapes, a kind of raw material film tape with stable deformation coefficient, good forming quality and hot stamping effect is selected as the special material for the production of positioning hot roll labels.

   Positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting labels are also called hot stamping labels in the industry. Positioning hot stamping is a form of combining anti-counterfeiting labels and pasted products. The commonly used label compound form is self-adhesive. Self-adhesive anti-counterfeit labels are coated with an adhesive layer on the bottom of the label, open the bottom paper, and paste the label directly on the pasted object. The big difference between thermal positioning and self-adhesive is that the adhesive layer applied on the back of the label is different. The positioning thermal anti-counterfeiting label needs to be heated to transfer the anti-counterfeiting information layer on the label to the pasted object, which cannot be peeled off or copied, so as to achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect.

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