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What is fragile easy shredding anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:LG Printing     2021-02-27
A lot of people buy perhaps cigarettes items such as cosmetics, can be seen in such stickers anti-counterfeit labels, the label by hand can't in good condition, can only use the fingernails perhaps use the blade cutting, so that after opening tags are no longer in good condition, unable to recover. The class label, also used in electrical appliances, digital products, alcohol, food, medicine and so on, although at ordinary times in life are met, have in fact not to dwell on these tags are what variety, material and use? What is easy shredding anti-counterfeiting tag < br / >
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easy shredding is fragile printing materials for fabrics, coated with special strong adhesive on the back, with the bottom paper of paper coated silicon maintain a composite anti-counterfeiting materials, is an important member of the adhesive industry. And paste not in good condition after stripping, the features of can't reuse. Easy shredding stickers surface material after printing, die cutting processes such as processing, anti-counterfeiting labels made easy shredding, mainly used in using some formal quality assurance methods is difficult to accurately unconventional product identification methods of quality assurance. For the classification of the bottom paper: < br / >
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1. Adhesive surface material is suitable for thin bottom papier-mache easy shredding in toilet roll paper form on the label printing process, because of low surface material strength, easy shredding only printing, die cutting, don't waste; Finished product labels only cut pieces, no volume. The non-drying label can't active label so easy shredding, all by the craft labeling.

  2. Large base paper easy shredding stickers face bar at the bottom of the paper is very thick. Because the bottom paper thickness, surface material does not shorten form bottom paper deformation, shorten around is just the surface material. Large base of papier-mache easy shredding stickers surface material can be cut into sheet after printing, printing forms for offset printing, embossed and silk screen printing. After the die cutting waste also don't waste. Using the industry < br / >
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auto electrical equipment, accessories; Alcohol; Food; Drugs; Mobile digital, phone, computer accessories; Cosmetics; Show tickets, etc. Technical advantages < br / >
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1. Cost-effective, has often been posted in the general price is high, the quality assurance duties requirement for high accuracy, and the date of warranty by the quality assurance of products, and is used to store the product security exchange tampered with, due to the label of the material tensile slightly low, after Posting all that I can't have, have very easy broken, one-time use only, cannot be repeated use, counterfeiting difficulty is very high.

  2. Assignability: concentrated the multinomial high-tech means of security mechanism. Counterfeiters even mastered the manufacturing method of the anti-counterfeiting mark, is not a product anti-counterfeiting labels for effective generic; Not only cannot batch manufacturing is used, but not in terms of economy, time is not allowed.

  3. Easy contractionary: its tensile strength is low, easy to broken, the temperature humidity and store all have certain requirements, and ends up in processed materials need to immediately after printing, unfavorable storage time is too long; Encountered surface printing material shrinkage, edge glue phenomenon should also slow down the speed of feed, avoid stripping is too big, material on the edge of the tear.

  4. Simplicity: whenever a user can enter the code on the label by telephone, a computer system to automatically identify, can short time to receive the authenticity of products, production date and other relevant information.

  5. Extensibility: the label is not only a commodity security and enterprises providing related services, but also for online marketing, ticket management play the unique role, greatly reduce the cost of artificial fight.

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