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What is bar code technology? What kind of application does it have in life? With the continuous development of the market economy and the integration of the market, counterfeiting

by:LG Printing     2020-01-22
With the rapid development of computer technology, bar code technology has been skillfully applied to the anti-counterfeiting of goods, thus effectively achieving the purpose of not counterfeiting famous goods and protecting the interests of consumers, namely bar code anti-counterfeiting. How to realize the anti-counterfeiting of bar codes and boxes. Ordinary bar codes do not have anti-counterfeiting function, specially processed bar codes can have anti-counterfeiting performance, anti-counterfeiting printing can be realized, but the process is complicated; At present, ordinary bar codes are widely used in the application of anti-counterfeiting labels. Thereby realizing the hook of anti-counterfeiting performance. Application of bar code anti-counterfeiting in the market (1) Anti-counterfeiting and anti-fleeing goods management, the label adds one-to-one corresponding bar code on the basis of ordinary anti-counterfeiting labels, realizes the management of bar code logistics, and realizes the tracking function of escaping goods. Widely used in liquor, health care products, cosmetics and other industries. (2) Anti-counterfeiting inquiry, through special equipment or mobile phone scanning bar code, obtain corresponding results, and realize bar code anti-counterfeiting inquiry function; Of course, there is also a premise that the corresponding anti-counterfeiting database can be connected to the website. (3) Other applications, bar codes include invisible bar codes, two-dimensional bar codes, metal bar codes, hidden magnetic codes, etc. in addition to common two-dimensional general bar codes, which are widely used in different fields. Bar code anti-counterfeiting can be said to be a better technology on the market, not only the way of use is very close to the people, the effect is also good, and generally customized labels. Shanghai Shangyuan Information Technology Co. , Ltd. is an anti-counterfeiting company that can provide enterprises with one-stop services of technology and products. Have a set of professional certification technology, standardized team to create one-on-one labels, welcome to contact us.
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