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What is an anti-smuggling label?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-20
Fleeing goods refers to the fact that dealers do not sell products according to the prescribed market areas during the sales process, but sell products to other market areas, which affects dealers and causes market price confusion and shrinkage. Or the dealers cooperate to defraud marketing expenses. Therefore, it damages the interests of production enterprises and needs to be effectively controlled. It can be recognized quickly.

  一. Anti-counterfeiting of anti-counterfeiting sets of goods

  1. Anti-channeling system

  Combined with modern management ideas, using automatic identification technology, network and communication technology means, the software and hardware integration technology, production, circulation and consumer goods information are collected, identified, classified and distributed, and the drugs are analyzed by data and information methods. Effective management of production, distribution and consumption channels promotes the penetration of trust, retains customers and products, and provides decision support for commodity companies.

  2. Sleeve label prevents fleeing goods

  The anti-counterfeiting code and logistics code of a single product, the box label and the logistics code correspond to the pre-printed logistics anti-counterfeiting collection label, and the collector device collects and binds to the sales area by the box as a piece or a single product delivery unit.

  3. Coated paper stickers

   can be combined with a variety of ordinary physical anti-counterfeiting effects, special holographic hot stamping, temperature change, water drop disappearing and other physical anti-counterfeiting technologies, and also support convex, flat, concave, hole printing, hot stamping, and improve the printing effect. Suitable for anti-counterfeiting and logistics anti-channeling cargo collection.

  4. Anti-counterfeiting pattern

   Fine and complex anti-counterfeiting group flower and color group flower board effect

  二. Its advantages

  1. On the basis of anti-counterfeiting query, it adds a query method with anti-counterfeiting identification logistics code label. Anti-counterfeiting identification is to provide commodity companies with a good understanding of the market, while analyzing the market, anti-counterfeiting and other aspects. Data supported.

  2. The anti-counterfeiting mark is a combination of logistics code and anti-counterfeiting code. It allows consumers and the company to query anti-counterfeit products, understand the logistics trend of goods, and inquire about the location of goods. General companies provide special anti-counterfeiting logistics code query channels, which can enter the channel products that have entered the mall, and can view the products well. It can be well applied to stores everywhere, and can calculate the sales volume of each subordinate dealer.

  3. Anti-counterfeiting labels can also guarantee the characteristics of each product, so that fake and inferior products do not need to be hidden in anti-counterfeiting queries, so that consumers can feel confident to boldly buy products with anti-counterfeiting labels.

  4. Greatly increase the marketing volume of the product. Improve performance; promote products and improve brand awareness of manufacturers.

  5. Grasp the process of commodity circulation, monitor and crack down on commodity circulation

  6. Be vigilant about the transshipment of goods between distributors and regulate the order of the product market

  7. Anti-counterfeiting, protect the interests of consumers, and help companies control construction

   8. The advantages of the system are: customized solutions, flexible code distribution, high degree of system automation, system automatic early warning, corporate audit; combination of multiple distributions, difficult to tamper with, high reliability; added value: warehouse management, dealer store management, Big data collection, anti-counterfeiting, traceability and marketization, etc.; integration; the concept of Internet +, helps enterprises to achieve full access to the Internet; supports input from multiple devices, including WeChat, smart phones, etc.

  Integrate the anti-channel and anti-counterfeiting marketing tracking functions through the one-item one-code approach to realize the rapid circulation and sales of products, and realize the management of computer management, enterprise dealer management, product logistics management, channel information collection, etc. , Market audit management and other functional modules. In this way, it can realize automatic early warning of channel products, prevent and eliminate channel products in all aspects, create a healthy and good market sales atmosphere, improve brand image, stabilize the market, and combine consumers' analysis of channel product information

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