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What is an anti-counterfeiting certificate

by:LG Printing     2021-04-20
The anti-counterfeiting certificate is a kind of anti-counterfeiting mark that integrates the anti-counterfeiting label and the certificate, and it is a kind of identifier made on the basis of cost saving and various items. It is an anti-counterfeiting marker that integrates the two functions of anti-counterfeiting label and certificate, and is a multifunctional marker made to reduce the cost of enterprises.

  一. Make

   1. The materials can be divided into: self-adhesive paper, art paper. Specialty paper, fiber paper, etc.

  2. Classification from the perspective of ink: ordinary printing inks, special such as thermochromic inks, water-based inks, light-changeable inks, etc.

  3. In terms of design system: lace, miniature text, anti-copying, combined guilloché, thick and thin line embossed shading, identification embossed shading, anti-scanning technology, etc.

  4. Technically, it can be divided into: The anti-counterfeiting certificate uses computer technology, communication technology and password technology to generate irregular and non-repetitive anti-counterfeiting numbers, which can achieve one object, one code, confidentiality, and excellent anti-counterfeiting performance.

  5. In terms of printing: solid line spot color printing, rainbow brush, silk screen brush, etc.

  二. Field of application

  Household appliances: air conditioners, fans, rice cookers, water heaters, induction cookers, etc.

   Electric car:

  Motorcycle accessories: clutches, engines, helmets, brake pads, pistons, piston rings, cylinder sleeves, etc.

  Auto parts: steering and transmission equipment, pump valves, nuts, power supplies, tires, pipe fittings, automotive bearings,

  Automotive instrumentation, ignition system, shock absorption system, etc.

  Mobile phone accessories: batteries, chips, chargers, earphones, etc.

  Office equipment: printers, fax machines, telephones, scanners, copiers, etc.

  Decorative materials: floor tiles, ceilings, coatings, waterproof materials, lamps, wooden floors, fireproof materials, pipe fittings, etc.

   Fertilizer materials: urea, diammonium phosphate, organic fertilizer, compound granulated rapeseed meal organic fertilizer, large granular urea, potash fertilizer, potassium chloride, etc.

   Furniture: bedside tables, lockers, sofas, coffee tables, decorative cabinets, full-length mirrors, porch tables, shoe cabinets, etc.

  Fire fighting equipment: dry powder fire extinguishers, smoke control systems, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, hoses, water guns, etc.

  Paper industry: handkerchief paper, facial tissue, box paper, white cardboard, cow cardboard, kraft paper, corrugated paper, cardboard paper, office paper, etc.

  Food products: rice, edible noodles, edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar, dairy products, soy products, sterilized fresh milk, etc.

  三. How to identify anti-counterfeiting

   When designing and printing the certificate, combined with the digital anti-counterfeiting technology, the anti-counterfeiting code is directly made into the certificate, without the need to attach the anti-counterfeiting label, the user can check the corresponding authenticity of the product when seeing the certificate, which is fast and convenient Due to its relatively large area, anti-counterfeiting technologies such as super-line pattern and micro-text are added in the design and processing process. There are many authentication methods in anti-counterfeiting technology. For example, digital can be inquired by telephone, network, etc. It and the anti-counterfeiting tag can be made into a conjoined body, and can also be made into a roll type, which is mainly convenient for use in special printers and other factory information.

   should be required for every product. Now the anti-counterfeiting certificate has become the standard configuration of every product. By adding the anti-counterfeiting function in the certificate, the anti-counterfeiting certificate is integrated by the anti-counterfeiting label and the certificate. Proving the characteristics of the two is a kind of marker that integrates two functions, manufactured by the enterprise network on the basis of saving costs and cutting other inputs.
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