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What is an anti-counterfeit label? What's the use?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-08
Anti-counterfeiting marks are not unfamiliar to all of us. Especially in recent years, more than 10,000 companies in my country have closed down every year, product competition is fierce, and counterfeit products are serious. The harm of counterfeit products is 2-4 times that of Europe and the United States and other countries, and it is urgent to prevent and eliminate counterfeit products. The protection of product brands should start with anti-counterfeiting and add anti-counterfeiting labels to products. Since the cost of selling counterfeit goods is 5 to 6 times the cost of preventing counterfeit goods, it is more effective to prevent counterfeiting before selling counterfeit goods.

   One, product anti-counterfeiting solutions

  1. Anti-counterfeiting label: The anti-counterfeiting label is also called the anti-counterfeiting label, which can be pasted, printed, and transferred on the surface of the subject, or on the package of the subject, or on the attachment of the subject (such as product listings, business cards, and anti-counterfeiting cards) , A mark with anti-counterfeiting effect.

  2. Technical principle: There are many patent anti-counterfeiting technologies, and products in different industries use different anti-counterfeiting technologies. Anti-counterfeiting companies use a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies, anti-counterfeiting labels, such as two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels, temperature change anti-counterfeiting labels, and dozens of different industry choices.

  3. Application areas: Anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used in many types of industries. Up to now, customers cover cosmetics, medicines, health products, wine, tea, food, daily necessities, electronics, clothing, glasses, etc. Multiple industry sectors.

   2. Anti-counterfeiting is the value created by an enterprise

   1. Enhancing consumers' desire to buy: The anti-counterfeiting mark of the product does not look real, and consumers have no desire to buy. Anti-counterfeiting labels can improve product grade and brand image.

  2. Systematic management of products: Putting anti-counterfeiting labels on each product invisibly adds a number, which is more conducive to the systematic management of the entire process of products from production to sales.

  3. Combat counterfeit products: Once a good product becomes famous, a large number of counterfeit products will be produced, and anti-counterfeiting labels will be affixed to the counterfeit products, so that the counterfeit products cannot be copied in large quantities.

  4. Maintain market competitiveness: Anti-counterfeit products must resist when they expand, and the formal restricted products of anti-counterfeit labels must be market-oriented in order to maintain competitiveness.

   Three, make standard anti-counterfeiting labels for you

  1. Simple and easy to identify: Anti-counterfeiting is mainly shown to consumers to prevent being deceived. The anti-counterfeiting mark enables consumers or managers to easily identify the authenticity of products without using machines or additional costs.

  2. Difficult to imitate: Anti-counterfeiting technology has the characteristics of easy copying, difficult to imitate, technical threshold, equipment threshold, etc., with anti-counterfeiting technology, anti-counterfeiting products cannot withstand the test.

  3. Low cost: According to company needs and product characteristics, personalized recommendation companies optimize pre-sale anti-counterfeiting and after-sale anti-counterfeiting measures to help companies reduce costs.

  4. Personalized production of anti-counterfeiting labels: Logo design is the visual highlight of the packaging. In addition to anti-counterfeiting, the anti-counterfeiting design of anti-counterfeiting labels will help improve the taste and grade of product packaging and realize brand communication.

   There will be a market when there is demand. In the market with more and more counterfeit and inferior products, many companies will choose anti-counterfeit labels, anti-counterfeit packaging and other materials to protect the image of their products. The use of anti-counterfeit labels can also make consumers more Good to distinguish the authenticity! The purpose of anti-counterfeiting labels is much more than that, such as sales, promotion, marketing and so on. Customize anti-counterfeiting labels to learn more about anti-counterfeiting. Welcome to call: 400-998-0111. Provide you with one-stop service!

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