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What is a positioning hot anti-counterfeiting label?

by:LG Printing     2020-03-04
Positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting labels are also called hot stamping labels in the industry. Positioning hot stamping is a form of combination of anti-counterfeiting labels and pasted products. The daily common label composite form is more self-adhesive. The self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label is coated with a glue layer on the bottom of the label, and the label can be directly attached to the sticker, the biggest difference between positioning ironing and self-adhesive is that the adhesive layer coated on the back of the label is different. The positioning ironing anti-counterfeiting label needs to transfer the anti-counterfeiting information layer on the label to the pasted object through heating, which cannot be peeled off or copied, so as to achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect. Although the document hot stamping anti-counterfeiting label and positioning hot stamping have the basic conditions to realize effective anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting, as a special industry, lacks government supervision and is basically in a state of disorderly development. This makes the user have to face the embarrassing situation that the use of positioning hot stamping may still be imitated and counterfeited. How to truly give full play to the advantages of positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting, and the effective anti-counterfeiting of non-ink printing products is a common topic facing cigarette factories, packaging enterprises and anti-counterfeiting material suppliers. How can we give full play to the effectiveness of positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting? The high temperature resistant hot stamping label can be printed. The additional anti-counterfeiting technology on the hot label can increase the degree of anti-counterfeiting. The miniature text of Suzhou impression can reach 0. 075mm, you need to use a high-power magnifying glass to see clearly. In addition, its unique hidden effect needs to be read by special instruments as a means of internal control and communication. The anti-counterfeiting label manufacturing process, the anti-counterfeiting visual features come from the master. The advanced and exclusive nature of master technology directly affects the degree of anti-counterfeiting. For well-known reasons, the higher the popularity of master technology, the lower the degree of anti-counterfeiting. Although the hologram cannot be copied by 100%, its effect can be imitated by using the same technology, and the similarity can reach more than 90%. Pixel lithography anti-counterfeiting technology, the master generation technology commonly used at home and abroad is mainly 'two-dimensional/three-dimensional' and 'digital dot matrix. In the past, the market generally thought that optical anti-counterfeiting technology (OVD)The hologram ,(No Ink) OVD optical anti-counterfeiting technology is also widely used in the high anti-counterfeiting of banknotes, passports, ID cards, etc. , but most of them are not holograms. Suzhou impression has professional design plate-making technology, and pixel lithography technology has been developed on the basis of dot matrix lithography, which has improved the anti-counterfeiting effect to a greater extent.
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