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What is a plastic film anti-counterfeiting label?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-21
In today's rapid economic development, the role of anti-counterfeiting labels is limited to identifying the authenticity of products. Many companies feel that anti-counterfeiting is useless because of price or trouble or do not have a deep understanding of the long-term harm of counterfeiting, and they have not paid attention to it. Some companies also use anti-counterfeiting methods that were outdated years ago. In fact, today's anti-counterfeiting labels have a more important meaning.

1. What is a plastic film anti-counterfeiting label

First of all, most of the labels on the market are laser labels and paper labels. Plastic labels can be said to be the third generation of anti-counterfeiting products, laser and paper. The appearance of plastic film labels changed people's visual fatigue and found solutions for many companies. The plastic film holographic azimuth mark is upgraded on the basis of the original technology. It not only has the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof, it is important that it can realize the function of anti-transfer, and does not leave any opportunity for counterfeiters.

Two. Plastic film anti-counterfeiting label features

1. Holographic and digital integrated anti-counterfeiting, not only has digital anti-counterfeiting functions such as variable QR codes and anti-counterfeiting query codes, but also has a two-way positioning laser holographic anti-counterfeiting map. The comprehensive anti-counterfeiting performance of the label is high, which improves the threshold for counterfeiters.

2. It has high resistance to overall transfer. The surface of the logo is uncovered, and the image and text information remain on the pasted object, and the separated laser holographic film cannot be pasted again. The digital image and text information are completely separated from the laser hologram and cannot be pasted again. The marked material and structure are environmentally friendly and functional

3. Anti-counterfeiting is difficult, printing anti-counterfeiting technology, high-precision composite production technology and other production methods are combined, and it is difficult to imitate one or several technologies or processes simply to crack.

4. The bottom printing layer marked as transfer anti-counterfeiting table is a double-layer carrier. When the bottom of the desktop is removed, the bottom printing layer image is left on the stick, and the integrity of the surface printing layer information is destroyed. The laser invisible image has a higher anti-counterfeiting function. It is randomly generated by the optical principle, and various dynamic colors can be seen from different angles.

3. Advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels

1. Anti-transfer: After removing the logo surface layer, the media peeling film and the logo pictures on the peeling layer are only plastic white film with scratched ink, and can no longer be pasted on the object, and the logo can not be copied from the beginning;

2. The manufacturing threshold is high, and the technology is lax: use the common advantages of millions of HP digital banknote printing machines to complete this process. Traditional printing methods such as offset printing, flexo printing, and gravure printing cannot be completed by offset printing machines, and have a strong monopoly in the field of anti-counterfeiting;

3. Good glue, convenient and quick to paste, suitable for sealing, although the cost is slightly higher, but in summary, the cost is very favorable, such as: improving the brand image level, improving the power of manual labeling, and reducing manual cost;

4. Good waterproof and moisture-proof effect and can be scratched off.

5. Reduce the cost of counterfeiting and facilitate the identification of hard copies.

The use of anti-counterfeiting labels can not only bring great help to products, but also improve the protection of consumers' own rights and interests, and effectively combat counterfeit and shoddy products. Although consumers cannot distinguish the authenticity of the product by its appearance and packaging, as long as the anti-counterfeiting label is remembered, customers can be greatly discounted. Can effectively ensure the company's more lasting and stable development. With the gradual improvement of the company's product reputation, the emergence of counterfeit and inferior products cannot be prevented. This is a big threat to the company's promise and will hinder the company's operations. Therefore, it is still necessary to add anti-counterfeiting labels on products.
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