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What functions can the food traceability system bring?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-28
Nowadays, there are many fake and inferior products on the market, and the food industry also has many fake and inferior products. In order to solve this problem, companies have customized food traceability systems, which can trace the entire process of products, standardize and standardize production management. Effectively guarantee the quality of food; then let's take a look at what management functions and functions the food traceability system has.

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   1. What management functions does the food traceability system have:

  1. Raw material management system: realize digital raw material management, and solve the problems of unknown source destination, storage location and life cycle confusion, low information timeliness, and high omission rate in traditional raw material management.

  2. Feeding management: According to the production formula, the raw materials are accurately compared and the materials are automatically fed, which reduces the phenomenon of inferior waste products due to inaccurate feeding, reduces production costs, and establishes the relationship between the source of materials and the finished product.

  3. Production planning and execution: According to market sales data and production line status data, real-time intelligent adjustment of current production plans, to achieve a balance between production and sales, and improve management efficiency.

  4. Production monitoring: At the same time, through the summary of the production line status, the manager can grasp the deviation between the current output and the planned output, and can adjust the production line in time to improve production efficiency.

  5. Quality control management: Establish a library of quality indicators such as product importance and packaging, and complete quality inspection through monitoring of key production nodes. At the same time, establish a correlation between the inspection data and the finished product to provide a basis for quality traceability.

  6. Comprehensive code assignment collection: Realize online automatic code assignment and collection, digitize product identity, and suggest a closed-loop relationship among different levels of single product, box, pallet, etc. according to packaging specifications.

  7. Warehouse management: Realize modern intelligent warehouse management, update the warehousing information in real time, and help managers grasp the product inventory, flow direction, freshness and other data.

  8. Dealer management: aggregate dealer real-time inventory, sales status, sales details, product warehousing and other information, so that enterprises can implement all aspects of control over dealers, so as to grasp market dynamics and prevent malicious stockpiling. Fleeing goods and other acts.

  9. Anti-fleeing goods management: Automatically compare product flow information and sales areas, intelligently judge the behavior of fleeing goods and automatically warn them, to achieve fixed-point inspections for enterprises, effectively crack down on the behavior of fleeing goods, and maintain market order.

  10. Anti-counterfeiting marketing management: Use modern digital anti-counterfeiting technology to track where counterfeit goods appear, and achieve fixed-point anti-counterfeiting. At the same time, use points, red envelopes, gifts and other aspects to stimulate consumers to interact with enterprises and enhance consumer stickiness.

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   2. The role of food traceability system:

  1. Improve the efficiency of logistics operations and track the flow of each product;

  2. Informatization management of production process to realize real-time visualization of production;

  3. The combination of physical anti-counterfeiting and information anti-counterfeiting makes it easy to realize anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting;

  4. Transparently manage the product circulation process, and promptly report to the police in case of diverted goods to prevent the occurrence of diverted goods;

  5. The application of warehouse intelligent terminal realizes the refined management of warehouse;

  The food traceability system improves the brand image of the product and the efficiency of management; if you also want to customize the food traceability system, welcome to consult us. We are a high-tech enterprise with many years of anti-counterfeiting experience. We are a company with many years of experience in anti-counterfeiting. High-tech enterprises with anti-counterfeiting experience will bring you one-stop service.

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