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What features can the vegetable traceability system bring?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-12
The vegetable traceability system can give each product a unique two-dimensional code as an anti-counterfeiting ID card, realizing one item and one code. Realize the collection and tracking of data in all aspects of product production, warehousing, distribution, logistics transportation, market inspection, sales terminals, and constitute a full life cycle management of product production, warehousing, sales, circulation and service. Then let's take a look at the functions and characteristics of the vegetable traceability system.

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   1. Main functions of vegetable traceability system:

  1. Anti-counterfeiting query: provide diverse, flexible and simple authenticity queries for consumption.

  2. Fleeing goods inquiry: For enterprises and related channel vendors, according to their query control authority, provide their related distribution and fleeing goods information inquiries and statistics.

  3. Data analysis: Analyze and organize data from consumers' inquiries and dealers' fleeing goods, and present them intuitively through reports or charts.

  4. Code generation system: distribute the generated QR codes in batches to the customers who need them, and you can select the customer's information during distribution, as the definition after generation, can be distributed in batches, and add, delete, modify, and check management.

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   2. Characteristics of vegetable product traceability system:

  1. Transparency of traceability process: The vegetable traceability system emphasizes the participation of every member of the vegetable supply chain, and emphasizes the openness and transparency of information in each key link, thus increasing the transparency of vegetable traceability.

  2. The standardization of traceability information: The traceability system based on the key technology of vegetable traceability realizes the standardization of traceability information collection, processing, transmission and application, and it is realized between the members of the vegetable supply chain and the vegetable supply chain. Information sharing and exchange.

  3. Diversity of traceability levels: At the geographic level, the traceability system can trace a country, a region, an enterprise to a specific production and operation link; at the product level, it can trace a product, a product Traceability from batches, one product to a specific raw material. Therefore, the traceability levels of the vegetable traceability system are flexible and diverse.

  4. Timeliness of traceability data: quickly locate the range of problematic vegetables at risk, release risk information in a timely manner, and immediately carry out vegetable recalls to effectively prevent the spread of problematic vegetables and protect consumers' health from threats.

  5. The flexibility of traceability operation: The vegetable traceability system directly applies species identification technology, electronic coding technology, automatic identification and data collection technology and other key vegetable traceability technologies, which helps to enhance the collection, processing, transmission and application of vegetable traceability information Ability to improve the flexibility of vegetable traceability operations.

  6. Confidentiality of traceability data: In the process of vegetable traceability information collection, processing, transmission and application, the traceability system focuses on strengthening the protection of commercial secret information such as product recipes and sales statistics of members of the vegetable supply chain to improve vegetable traceability Confidentiality of data.

  Vegetable traceability system presents consumers with a complete product manufacturing process. If you also need a customized traceability system, welcome to consult us. We are a high-tech enterprise with many years of experience in production and anti-counterfeiting, and will bring you a stop -Style anti-counterfeiting solutions.

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