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What exterior materials does the self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label have?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-26
Self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels are anti-counterfeiting labels that have been applied very early. Those who have used anti-counterfeiting labels know that some are used for different purposes. The materials used for different products are different. It is necessary to choose the appearance of the label according to the environment and deal with. Some are designed for extreme environmental conditions, while others are short-term, one-off indoor applications. The following is a description of some commonly used appearance information in label production.

  Anti-collision material: It is a kind of paint and practical materials, designed for fast ink absorption.

   This information is mainly used for electronic data processing (EDP) and other accounting machines.

  Rubber material: A strong, soft material suitable for curved or cylindrical surfaces. Guess the rubber paste can seal the appearance of the paper so that dust and fibers will not spread. This is especially important for tape labels because they were originally designed for this purpose.

   lithographic materials: good ink absorption, suitable for scanners. The clean and clean appearance of lithography materials is a good choice for high-quality pictures and barcode printing.

   Anti-blocking material: It is a kind of rough paper with good anti-fouling properties and is suitable for uneven appearance. This type of data has long-lasting and strong stickiness and is often used as a price tag for retail products. But it has a flaw: it cannot simply stay on the appearance of the product.

   casting coating information: pure white high gloss paper, mainly used for advertising and packaging labels. Be very careful when applying the information on the accounting machine, because the ink may cause stains.

   Marking material: It is a kind of hard and dim paper, which is often used for shelf labels, identity tags, lapel badges and other local labels that require hard material materials. This material is made of local label hard material materials, from the backing paper If the surface is separated, you should be especially careful, because once this kind of material is jagged, you cannot simply lay it flat.

  Fluorescence data: also known as; white gloss data, there are many colorful fluorescent colors. This information is often used to emphasize the importance of documents.

   Laminated or solid foil material: A thin layer of metal foil is laminated to a paper base to form. This information often appears on dim or bright metal products.

   Vinyl material: durable, general-purpose, non-porous plastic, which can be used on the surface of petroleum, petroleum, water and chemical materials. But vinyl materials are difficult to print because offset printing and printing inks dry very slowly on their surfaces. In many cases, polypropylene is used instead of ethylene.

   Satin fabric: It is a man-made fiber material, often used in clothing labels, signatures and other occasions that require luxurious appearance packaging. However, in the case of rough satin weave, it is difficult to print high-quality products.

   TyvekTM is an exceptionally hard and completely unbreakable document registered by DuPont. It is made of polyethylene fiber and looks like paper. TyvekTM data is not affected by moisture and does not react with most chemical reagents, making it ideal for harsh environments.

   The above-listed are several commonly used appearance materials. No one kind of material can fit any environment, but the diversity of appearance materials can be satisfied, and a variety of different posting environments can ensure that most customers' needs are satisfied. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, to learn more about anti-counterfeiting, welcome to call: 400-998-0111. Shangyuan Anti-counterfeiting provides you with one-stop service!

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