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What exactly is the anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling management system?

by:LG Printing     2021-03-31
Based on the technology of one thing, one code, using advanced methods such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, etc., users have completed the transformation from unfamiliar to familiar with the traceability system. Applying one thing, one code to the product, to establish an independent identity for each product; ID card, so that the product life cycle can be traced, can realize the anti-counterfeiting and anti-sweeping management of the product.

  一. What's the use of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling management system

  1. Anti-counterfeiting management: Data anti-counterfeiting: There are many common methods, such as variable barcode anti-counterfeiting; variable two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting; internal and external codes correspond to anti-counterfeiting. These technologies can be generated and realized through the traceability cloud platform, and the coding is completed through data transmission to the coding equipment.

  2. Barcode anti-counterfeiting: Barcode is a mark composed of a set of regularly arranged bars, spaces and corresponding characters, which can convey certain information and represent an item.

  3. Variable two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting: Two-dimensional code can store a character string with a larger amount of information, and it is easier to scan. Through encryption, it can be applied to every link of the product's full life cycle traceability.

   Process anti-counterfeiting: Through a variety of processes, effects that are difficult to replicate are achieved, such as pattern anti-counterfeiting; multi-color serial printing; laser holography and other technologies, all of which are used to achieve anti-counterfeiting purposes through physical means.

  4. Material anti-counterfeiting: through the particularity of the materials used, it is difficult to copy, such as anti-counterfeiting thread technology; fiber silk material application; anti-counterfeiting film material application.

  5. Distributor management: Distributors and distributors’ fleeing behavior will directly affect the interests of manufacturers, and will affect the manufacturers’ mastery of the data in each area of u200bu200bthe goods sales. Let’s take a look at how to prevent potential profits. Fleeing goods management.

  6. Other anti-counterfeiting: Use some relatively unpopular technology applications to make products more special and distinctive, such as using fluorescent ink, voice anti-counterfeiting, chip anti-counterfeiting and other technologies.

  7. Anti-counterfeiting warning: After purchasing a product, consumers can scan the code through WeChat or a browser. After scanning the code, the number of scanning codes will be displayed, thereby reminding consumers whether there is a risk of counterfeiting and counterfeiting. Identification, warning notification of fake goods.

  二. Anti-Taking Management

  1. Anti-channeling early warning: Once the goods are scanned in different places, after setting a certain threshold, an early warning will be given according to the setting to help manufacturers carry out data and visual management.

  2. Distributor management: Distributors and distributors’ fleeing behavior will directly affect the interests of manufacturers, and will affect the manufacturers’ mastery of the data in each region of the sales of goods. Let’s take a look at how to prevent potential profits. Fleeing goods management.

  3. Production warehousing: Boxes or boxes are used as small delivery units in the management of fleeing goods. In order to facilitate delivery, the collection and association of boxes, boxes, and pallets are required.

  4. Sales out of the warehouse: download the sales order, the order contains dealer information, including the delivery address, consignee, product list, etc.

  5. Scan code out of the library: Scan the code through PDA, and associate the operator, shipping place, shipping time, and product information with the order.

  6. Logistics tracking: record logistics information, ensure that there is no abnormality in the transportation process, the dealer scans the code to receive the goods, and confirms that the goods arrive at the designated place.

  The traceability system assigns an ID number to a single product, and collects and identifies the equipment to complete the data collection and tracking of the product's raw materials, suppliers, production, warehousing, logistics, sales, store inspections, and consumption. It can be completed Query and trace the information management of the entire life cycle of each product at any time.

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