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What exactly is a fragile paper anti-counterfeiting label? Is it the kind that breaks when you tear it?

by:LG Printing     2021-04-10
Anti-counterfeiting label is a commonly used one. Its fabric breaking strength is much lower than the adhesive ability. Once the label is posted, it cannot be peeled off and cannot be used again. After a series of processes such as printing and die cutting, the fragile paper self-adhesive surface material is processed into fragile anti-counterfeiting code labels or fragile stickers, also known as product fragile quality assurance stickers. It is mainly used in some formal methods to ensure quality assurance. The product category shall be marked with anti-counterfeiting code. Many companies have done this to guard against counterfeit goods. So what is an anti-counterfeiting label? What anti-counterfeiting labels are there? What are fragile paper anti-counterfeiting labels? Below we will talk about the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting labels in detail.

  一. What is a fragile paper anti-counterfeit label

   is a composite anti-counterfeiting material with fragile printing material as the fabric, special strong adhesive coated on the reverse side, and silicon-coated maintenance paper as the base paper. Fragile paper self-adhesive labels are an important type of self-adhesive labels. Its fabric cracking strength is much lower than the adhesive ability of adhesives. It has the characteristics that it cannot be peeled off properly after being posted and cannot be reused.

  Second, its advantages

  1. Anti-counterfeiting (to eradicate fake products)

  2. Prevent items from being opened, stealing interchange and damaging products

  3. Improve product brand image and add product attractiveness

  4. Prevent unprofessionals from opening the product and damaging the internal structure of the product. Therefore, when the edge overflows in the printing process, the paper conveying speed is neglected to prevent the material from cracking due to excessive peeling.

  5. Uniqueness: Each digital anti-counterfeiting mark is unique and can only be used for the entire process at one time, and counterfeiters cannot reuse it.

  6. Simplicity: Consumers can enter the identification code by phone at any time, which is automatically identified by the computer system. It only takes a few seconds to inquire about the manufacturer and the authenticity of the product.

  7. Scalability: In addition to product anti-counterfeiting and services provided by enterprises, it can also combat the effects of online marketing and other aspects, thus greatly reducing the cost of manual fights.

   8. Reliability: Anti-counterfeiting mechanism through a number of high-tech technologies. Fully mastering the production method of the label, it is also impossible to effectively prevent the anti-counterfeiting of a certain product. Not only can it be used in batches, but it can also be economically worth the loss, and the transferability of the technology is realized.

  三. Material production characteristics

  Fragile self-adhesive label face material is easy to shorten during processing and printing. It is not suitable for long-term storage. Specially processed anti-counterfeiting materials have low tensile strength and are particularly easy to break. It is especially suitable for computer accessories and automobile electrical appliances And other product warranty issues. If there is a problem during the product warranty period, the label can be used to determine whether it is human or the product itself, such as whether the consumer has disassembled the product by himself.

   Now when you buy items, everyone will find a label pasted on the item. This type of label cannot be completely opened by hand. It can only be opened with a nail or a blade, so that the label after opening is no longer complete , Can not be reused, these labels are uniformly become fragile paper anti-counterfeiting labels by various anti-counterfeiting industries. It can reduce the cost of counterfeit companies and help companies crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products. If consumers find fake and inferior products, they can promptly give feedback to the manufacturers, so as to realize widespread counterfeiting and jointly maintain market order. Whether it is online or offline promotion, anti-counterfeiting labels can achieve effective marketing effects at a very low cost. Expand the image of the brand and the company and quickly occupy the market position.

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